10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning productsThe weather is getting warmer. The leaves and flowers are starting to bloom. It’s spring cleaning time. To make things easier on you, here are 10 simple spring cleaning tips to keep your house looking great for the months to come.

1) Organise that wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe is your first step to organising the rest of your apartment or home. It’s time to get rid of those unused clothes and accessories, and organise the rest of your clothes by how you get actually get dressed in the morning and by colour. Your everyday routine will be much easier and your closet will look much more appealing.

2) Removing stains and odours

The trick to removing stains and odours is to blot up as much of a smelly mess as possible, as soon as you can. While you are blotting up the upholstery, put a garbage bag or a plastic liner between the fabric and the cushion so you don’t push the contaminant into the cushion. Use cold water to flush out the stain as best you can.

3) Cleaning painted walls

Start with a clean cloth, or sponge and water. If this doesn’t work, dip sponge or rag into water mixed with a bit of dishwashing liquid. If wall stains persist, apply a couple of drops onto the wet cloth or sponge you are using and wipe the affected area.

4) Creating a different mood

This isn’t so much of a cleaning tip as it is a makeover tip that makes it seem as if you’ve cleaned your apartment or home. Switch things up every season, or for a special event. A new pattern will give your place a nice showroom feel that will lighten your mood.

5) Cleaning your carpet

The absolute best way to get your carpets clean is to hire professional cleaners to clean using a hot water extraction method. Spring cleaning is an ideal time to do this. Afterwards, you should aim to clean one a week using a top load vacuum with HEPA filters. The filters should be cleaned often so that you are able to clean more efficiently and the dirt and dust doesn’t fall back into the carpet.

white bathroom tiles6) Caring for your tiles

When cleaning your bathroom and kitchen tiles, you should try using a cleaner that has a neutral pH or mix baking soda with water for a less expensive homemade cleaner. To try this, pour one half cup of baking soda into two gallons of water and mix. Simply apply the liquid with a sponge mop or string mop. This mix also works well for cleaning grout.

7) Removing stains from countertops

Having your granite countertops sealed makes cleaning them a lot easier. You know your countertops are sealed when water beads and droplets stay on the surface. You can easily poultice away any rust as well as remove any soap scum or mildew with a solution of one half cup ammonia in a gallon of water.

8) Reorganise bookshelves

Remove and discard any ripped dust jackets. Sort books by size and subject, and line some books horizontally and some vertically. This will remove the monotony of rows and update your surroundings with a simple reorganisation.

9) Caring for your area rugs

Just as with your carpets, you may want to have your area rugs professionally cleaned when spring arrives. However, area rugs need only be cleaned every few years instead of once a year. For treating stains, keep a bottle of club soda in your home.

10) Caring for wood floors

The best way to keep your wood floors looking new is to avoid over-sanding, as well as using saucers under your plants to avoid damage caused by water. Clean once a week using a damp mop and a mild soap.

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