2 Toilet Problems You Can Fix Yourself—And 2 You Shouldn’t

2 Toilet Problems You Can Fix Yourself—And 2 You Shouldn’t

Whether we like to admit it or not, the toilet is one of those parts of the house we most frequently use. And it doesn’t matter if there’s only one person in the household or more, the more it is being utilized, the more likely it is that some issues will happen at some point.

Now, when a problem arises, unless you’re a professional, it can be difficult to determine whether it is something you can resolve all by yourself, or maybe it is time to contact a good plumber?

If you’re confused by this, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. That’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to write this article, to help you figure out which toilet problem can easily be fixed and which one requires a professional. So let’s discuss them below.

Toilet Issues That Can And Cannot Be Fixed By Yourself

The Toilet Is Leaking

If your toilet starts leaking, then the first thing you must determine is where the leak is arriving from. Once you've successfully identified that, you can begin working on this problem. Now, if the leak is inside the water supply, then you should check the water supply valve that's on the wall, along with the water supply line.

Additionally, then be sure to secure any loose part but just make sure not too over-tighten it. Furthermore, if the leak is coming from the bowl conjoin and tank, then you will have to replace the bolts and gasket between them.

On the other hand, if the leak is coming from the flapper, then you will most likely need to replace it. Moreover, if the leak is arriving from the base of your toilet, then it is leaking due to the fact that the wax ring has sealed the toilet flange, while the floor drain opening is unsealed. 

This is a pretty complex situation that requires removing the toilet completely, and in these types of situations, it would be best to contact a plumber. Lately, we've heard that some of the best plumbing services can be found in Australia, particularly in Glebe, hence, if you're currently experiencing these types of issues, ensure to type plumber glebe on Google to see which plumber is available at the moment. Problems like this one shouldn’t be overlooked and must be solved as quickly as possible. 

Replacing A Ballcock

On the market, you can stumble upon refill valves in various designs, and the older ones are typically called ballcocks. What does this term mean? It refers to the chiseled floating ball that manages the valve that is controlling the water.

Even though the word ballcock is at times employed to refer to practically any type of fill valve, technically speaking it applies to two types, the diaphragm-type, and the plunger-type. Both of them have the float ball that manages the valve through a long arm that's embedded in the ball.

Although they are not frequently utilized in brand-new toilets, you may stumble upon both of these types in older toilets. The whole mechanism is pretty uncomplicated and in case some adjustments to the water level are necessary, it is executed by bending the float arm down or up to alter the point at which the float ball closes the water supply. 

For instance, if your toilet continues to run even after the flush cycle is done, it is typically because the water level is very high in the tank. If you bend the float arm downwards, the float ball is going to close the water at a lower tank level.

Bear in mind that ballcock valves are susceptible to issues, hence if by any chance you have one of these, it would be recommendable to replace it and purchase a brand-new float-cup style fill valve.

Adding More Useful Information Below (Discussing The Issues You Can’t Fix Yourself)

Toilet That Bubbles

If you notice that air bubbles are constantly rising through the water in the toilet bowl, then the toilet is either clogged or isn't properly vented. If you notice that the water levels in the toilet bowl keep on rising and falling, then a clog or venting issue may be the problem.

Why is this happening? Well, that’s because the toilet’s drain line is pulling air. A bubbling toilet frequently occurs in a household that has a washing machine that is placed near the bathroom. Namely, when water is supposed to go down a drain, it requires air to even the drain line’s pressure.

The same goes for the vent pipe. If your house’s drain lines aren’t vented the right way, the water that is flowing down the drains is going to pull water from p-traps that are close. If you’ve been dealing with this issue for quite some time, then you should call a plumber, because that’s not something you’ll be able to fix all by yourself.

Mold Growth

This issue isn't something you want to overlook. What's the cause behind it? Namely, when the ceiling in between the space and the second floor starts to become moist, mold will begin to appear. If that happens to you, then you must instantly call someone, without postponing it, because it can lead to structural damage and potentially cause some serious health problems in anyone who is living in your household.

In case you didn't know, mold can cause various respiratory problems, can worsen allergies, and many other health-related issues. That's precisely why, every time you have serious issues with your toilet, you must either call someone who is going to resolve them or simply replace it with a new one.

In these types of situations, it is much more advisable to hire a professional, than to try to fix it all by yourself. Luckily, an experienced and skilled plumber will deal with it by either installing a new toilet or by trying to fix the one you already have.

No household can lead a normal life without a properly functioning toilet, therefore, whenever you notice any problems, make sure to act quickly. As you can see, there are some issues that can easily be fixed and those that cannot so be careful.