5 Spots You Probably Forget to Clean

5 Spots You Probably Forget to Clean

woman cleaning in bright clothesWhether you have just made it through your spring cleaning list or just finished your weekly cleaning, there’s a good chance you missed a few spots (or possibly ignored them deliberately!). These ‘forgotten spots’ are the places that we see and use every day, but don’t give them any thought. Because they hide in plain sight, they are usually skipped when you clean.

The Bathroom’s Forgotten Spots

Clean the shower head

Your shower head gets used at least once a day to give you a proper cleaning, but when was the last time you returned the favour? To remove mould and mineral deposits, unscrew the shower head and soak in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. This will help to kill mould and remove hard water deposits from this often forgotten spot of cleaning.

Clean behind the toilet

This is the most forgotten spot in the bathroom. You may mop the tiles and scrub the toilet, but when is the last time you got on your hands and knees and cleaned the tiles behind the toilet? Just because they are hard to reach, doesn’t mean they don’t collect dust, dirt, and bacteria. Before mopping, use a sponge and your mopping solution to get into this hard-to-reach and often forgotten spot.

Clean the medicine cabinet

Along with the shower head and the tiles behind the toilet, this is another forgotten spot in the bathroom. This is especially important to clean when someone in the home has been sick. Germs are spread from your hands to the cabinet when you open the door to get your favourite cold remedy. Wipe down all surfaces and check expiration dates on your medications. Toss out any past the expiry date.

If you are using the services of a cleaning company, including those of our shortlisted Brisbane house cleaners, you can ask them to focus on a specific area every time they come and clean for you.

Forgotten in The Kitchen

Clean the seal and door handles on your fridge

You clean the kitchen after you cook because you won’t want to encourage the growth of harmful bacteria; and after you wipe down the counters, clean the sink, and mop the floor you think you are done. But when is the last time you cleaned the door handle and seals on your fridge? When you bring home meats and vegetables, you bring home contamination. When you prepare food, you spread contamination. You may wash your produce and wash your cutting board and even wash your hands, but how often do you clean and disinfect the handles to your refrigerator or the door seals? Spray with a disinfectant or wipe down with pure lemon juice to clean, deodorise, and disinfect these forgotten areas.

Other Spots Around the House

Clean your skirting boards

You remember to dust the furniture and clean the floors. When was the last time you remembered to dust and clean your skirting boards? This one simple step will make the whole room appear cleaner. Attach a round dusting brush to your vacuum cleaner or use a feather duster to quickly remove dust and debris from this neglected spot of cleaning.

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