7 Professional Home Cleaning Tips

7 Professional Home Cleaning Tips

woman holding cleaning equipmentGreasy dirt on lamps and kitchen cabinets, shower door soap scum… some things around your home just don’t stay clean for very long. Here are some of the best kept cleaning secrets by professional house cleaners that will simplify your life by saving you time and effort.

Cutting Through Grease

Dirt and grease build up inside and outside of kitchen cabinets over time. To clean them, first slightly heat a damp cloth or sponge in your microwave for 20 – 30 seconds. While wearing a pair of rubber gloves, spray your cabinets with an all-purpose cleaner containing orange oil, then wipe down with the hot cloth or sponge.

Removing Shower Door Scum

Start by cleaning any mildew, mould and streaks off the glass with a basic glass cleaner. Scrape off the really tough build-up with a razor blade, then dry the doors with a cloth. Invest in a glass treatment to form a clear film on the glass that increases water repellency. Spray and wipe on the glass treatment, then wipe it off with a microfibre cloth.

Clean Hardwood Floors Faster

Traditional mops are full of bacteria, so professional cleaners highly recommend using a disposable pad-based sweeper. Many of the newer brands have a built-in solution dispenser that is automatically sprayed as you mop the floor. These are particularly great for spot-cleaning spills.

Blow Out the Garage

When it comes to cleaning your garage, you should ditch the broom and go straight to using a leaf blower. It’s fast and highly efficient. You can clean out surfaces and shelves along with the garage floor. Be sure to put away any papers or anything else you don’t want to blow away. Wear a dust mask, earplugs and safety goggles.

Beat the Rust

You can’t rely on all-purpose cleaners to remove tough rust stains in tubs, toilets and sinks. Look for a rust stain product that is made with diluted hydrochloric acid. Be sure not to use products that contain bleach – this will set the stain permanently. First wet the surface of the tub, toilet or sink with some warm water, then using a sponge, wipe the stain with the rust stain product until it is completely gone. Thoroughly rinse the area with water afterwards.

Use Duct to Get Rid of Pet Hair

The stickiness of duct tape makes for an excellent pet hair remover that is much more convenient than vacuuming. One great trick is to apply duct tape, sticky side up, on a paint roller and move quickly over chairs, sofa, beds and pillows. Apply tape to the end of sponge or cloth to squeeze into tight corners.

Spot-Clean Food and Drink Spills

The most effective way to prevent stains from forming is to treat spills immediately after they occur. Stain pens are designed to remove small stains on upholstery, caulk, grout, clothing and more and are extremely easy to use. Simply press the tip into the stain to release the active cleaning solution, then rub the tip over the stain to remove it.

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