7 Tips to Running a Successful Cleaning Business

So you have Started your cleaning business and you are thinking to yourself, how do i turn the business into a successful cleaning business? The clients you are pitching to have many potential Cleaners to choose from, so you will need to make your business stand out from the Rest. Below i have put together a list of tips to help you run a successful cleaning business!

how to start a cleaning business

Personalised Service and Fair Price

Pricing your clean to a Prospective client is one of the most crucial task, as it will either scare off clients if the price is too high or you will price too low to which you will not make enough money to make ends meet. This is where you need to form a Professional relationship with the client, whether this would be sitting down with your clients and understanding what they want with their clean. This gives them a sense of care and a Personalised service. This will allow you to develop an action and price plan that is fair with them and yourself, and forming this personalised service if you need to raise your Prices they are more likely to understand why.

Another great way to find if your pricing is fair and reasonable, is to research the market. By that i mean is look on the Google to find what prices other companies are charging for their services. This will tell you if your prices are unreasonable or fair

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 Time Management

This is where most people struggle, managing time can be difficult. Getting your timing right can allow you to fit more prospective clients which in-turn mean more income. But you will want to make sure you cater for your clients needs. Starting time slots for customers at 10am will not leave you enough time for an afternoon client, But on the other hand if you start at 8am this will allow you to finish a clean by lunchtime and have enough time to book another clean for the afternoon. By doing this it also means that your client will not need to ave their whole day blocked off for a clean.

You will also need to ensure that you are always on time to your schedule so you keep your clients happy and satisfied.

 Making a Name

The Cleaning business is a very crowded Market, this can make it difficult for you to make a name for yourself if you are new to the market. One great way to make a name for yourself, is to spend a bit of time online looking at how other Cleaning companies are offering their services and how it is working for them. This could be looking at their social media, their online reviews of their services and even their website. Looking at what is working with the market and implementing it into your own business with a your own twist can work wonders, and will make your business stand out from the rest. These twists can be anything from only working with Environmentally safe products, personalised newsletter where you offer cleaning tips and discounts.

Quality Products

Choosing products to clean with can be a difficult choice, there are many variables that come into play to ensure you pick the right product. At the start of opening cleaning company you probably thought that using Cheap cleaning products will save you heaps of money and the Clients will not notice. This is quite the opposite, using High quality products that are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly are not only better for you but also for your client. These high quality products are usually better for the clients furniture and also wont leave any irritating fumes or smells around the house. It’s only a small detail but your clients will notice. Another note is to always trying new products that come into the market to stay on-top of your game and other businesses

Employees are Everything

Your employees are the one thing that can either make or break the success of your cleaning business. To run a professional cleaning service that stands out the rest, you need to find the best and most professional cleaners. This is easier said then done trust me! Some ways to entice cleaners to join your team or stay on board can include:

  • Training,Training,Training – This may be the most obvious, but spending time on the training whether that may be Clean windows, scrub a sink, vacuum etc. This will ensure your cleaning level stays at a top-notch level across the board
  • Dont Micromanage – Once you have trained them correctly, show them that you trust them and have faith in their cleaning and your training
  • PERKS – Keeping Employees and getting people on-board, offering perks such as Paid leave, vacation time and bonuses for quality work Shows your loyalty to them and will make them want to work harder.


Dont ever Settle for the client base you have even if it is a solid customer base. You never know what can happen, you may lose clients to other cleaners or they move away. Always be on the look out for new clients. To get more clients, spending time on some marketing will ensure you always have work, some marketing ideas can include:

  • Networking – Networking does require a little bit of work but it’s no cost upfront and can lead to new business down the line or sometimes immediately
  • Real estates and Home builders – Contacting real estate companies and Building companies will build relationships with them and you will be ahead of all the other competition before they are even in their new homes. It’s also great to form these professional relationships as real estates will be able to refer you to their clients for End of lease cleans.
  • Community Advertising – Putting up flyers, Local brochures and magazines are great way to get your name out in the community and helps you build your brand.

Focus on the Business

Creating a Known successful cleaning Business is not by any means a simple task, whether that`s the cleaning itself or the business aspect. Any business needs to be run on a Professional level to be successful. For any business to grow or expand, you need focus on the business aspect just as much as cleaning. Making sure you have a business plan in place and following it, ensuring that any taxes are being accounted for and making sure you are keeping you clients happy

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