8 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean in Dry Weather

8 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean in Dry Weather

In the dry months of the year, we emerge from our cars and homes, step out into the sun, and wonder where all the moisture has gone. The wet season evaporates into scattered showers and muggy mornings.

Even if you enjoy many outside activities throughout the summer, you shouldn't ignore your house. Maintaining a clean environment is important so you can enjoy your home when you return after vacation. Here are eight ways to keep your house clean in dry weather.

1. Clean Out Closets and Cabinets

Are you planning to go on summer vacation? If so, there are things you shouldn't forget before leaving your house. If you're going away for the summer, clean your closets and cabinets before leaving. 

You can avoid having to organize everything again once you get back by taking the time to clean out your closets and cabinets while everything is still organized. This will help you manage time and not have to go through the process of organizing everything from the beginning. A cool gadget is a warm mist humidifier to help balance the moisture level in a room. It also helps kills bacteria and gems. Try a warm mist humidifier to keep the air clean and leave you with a long-lasting, fresh-smelling home. They can work with various medicated essential oils to calm your mood and relax.

2. Tackle Basement

One of the biggest challenges with maintaining a home during summer is tackling the basement. The best way to stay tip-top is to clean the basement as little as possible. This means you'll need to be creative to complete jobs that require you to use tools when it's too hot to be outside. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you can't complete in less than two hours, wait until the evening or morning when the sun isn't at its strongest. It's easy to put off those tasks until after the season has ended, but doing so means you'll likely forget about them when fall rolls around. 

A common problem confronting many homeowners in the summer months is their desire to keep the home cool while they are away. This is especially true of basements, where extra insulation and air conditioning can reduce the home's cooling efficiency.

3. Declutter Kitchen Countertops

Decluttering your kitchen in dry weather is a great way to keep your house clean. If you want to declutter your kitchen countertops, start by removing any clutter that's been sitting there for more than six months. Then, use a sponge mop to wipe down the surfaces. 

Finally, with a damp cloth, you can wipe out the remaining dust. Even if you've followed my previous suggestions, your kitchen surfaces may still be dusty. The key is to give the surfaces a good wipe-down every day.

4. Sweep The Floor

Dry weather is the perfect scenario for dust and dirt to build up in your home. Consider storing that broom in a closet for when it comes time to sweep your hardwood floor. If you have a hardwood floor, sweep it every day. This helps remove dust and dirt that can accumulate on the surface and make your floor appear dull. 

Don't use this method for a laminate or tile floor. The dirt will remain on the ground and get trapped in the small crevices in the material. Sweeping can help keep your home clean, but it is much more effective if you also schedule a weekly or monthly cleaning service.

5. Mop The Floor

During dry weather, home maintenance can be a nightmare. Expect to have your house in such a mess that you start thinking about moving somewhere else. Home maintenance is a never-ending process, but unfortunately some of the tasks we must do year after year can be quite unpleasant. 

To make sure your home floor stays clean, try using a sponge mop when mopping floors. This will help prevent dirt from getting stuck under furniture legs and other hard-to-reach areas.

6. Tackle the Bathroom First

It's easy to forget about cleaning up after yourself when you're busy with other things. However, doing so can make your bathroom less attractive and more difficult to maintain. Start with the basics: wipe down surfaces, wash the toilet bowl, and empty the garbage. 

Then tackle the rest of the room as needed. To clean your bathroom mirrors, start by removing any loose particles using a small brush. Then, apply two drops of liquid dish soap to a damp sponge to remove water spots and build-up. For the last step, rinse the mirror clean with cool water

7. Dust the Furniture

One thing we all start to notice in dry weather is that everything seems to collect dust very easily. With hot and dry weather coming, it's important to focus on the health of your home environment. 

Some rooms can get overly dusty and dirty due to low humidity, and some families might have to deal with tougher pet hair. It's not difficult at all to keep your home clean in dry weather. Dust furniture regularly with a soft brush. Sweep up any loose debris before vacuuming.

8. Wash the Windows

If you have windows that need cleaning, use a window cleaner spray. Or, if you prefer, wash them yourself using a bucket of warm water and a sponge. Windows can get dust easily and makes it blurry during dry weather. 

It's a good idea to clean them every day. This will preserve the glossiness of your windows. Another easy way to clean windows is using a window wiper. Simply spray with soap water and sweep it away using a window wiper.


Nothing is more relaxing than showering, cooking, and hanging out in a clean home. Cleaning the house can be a great way to keep your family hygienic during dry weather, but you don't want your efforts to backfire and leave you wanting to take a cool shower immediately after. Your home provides shelter from the heat of the sun and allows you to enjoy all that summer has to offer. 

Summers are meant for fun and games with family and friends outdoors.