How to Avoid Clutter in a Smaller Home

How to Avoid Clutter in a Smaller Home

Everyone needs a home. This is a fact that is as true for high-flying celebrities as it is for run-of-the-mill working folk. Whether it’s a grand palace or a humble terrace house - we all need somewhere to call home.

Your house is a place to relax, to unwind each evening and on the weekends. A place to share food, drink and laughter with your loved ones. Somewhere to love, laugh and lounge about. Think of it as a charging station for your internal batteries. You run out of charge each week, and on the weekend, your home fills your energy levels again. 

Yet it can be tricky to relax if you have a smaller space prone to clutter. We’ll share some tips designed to help you reduce and avoid clutter in a small home in this helpful article. Read on to find out more.

Consider a Sofa Bed

You might want to consider a sofa bed if you live in a small home. A sofa bed is perfect for a space like a studio apartment because it can fold up into a sofa during the day. This will give a smaller house the impression of more space.

As a bonus, you can use the sofa during the day to sit and watch movies, read a book or scroll on social media. Then, when it’s bedtime, you simply fold it out and bunk down for the night. Rinse and repeat each day, and you have a nifty, space-saving hack. 

Vacuum Seal Bags

Another space-saving hack is to invest in some vacuum seal bags to store your clothes. Pop your summer/winter wardrobe into some vacuum seal bags as the seasons change. Using your vacuum to suck the air out of these bags, they will shrink down into a package that is easy to store and can fit in a cupboard.

Then, when the season rolls around, and you need that particular type of clothes, simply unseal the bags and get the appropriate clothing out. However, you may need to iron them to get rid of the creases caused when they were compressed. 

Cube Storage

You can also consider investing in a cube storage shelf. Available at most furniture retailers, cube storage is a great space-saving trick. You can fit lots of stuff on a cube shelf, from books to records to other odds and ends.

Even if it’s a modest-sized shelving unit, you’ll find you will definitely save space using a cube shelf.

Keep Benchtops Tidy

One thing that can give the impression of a cluttered and crowded small home is untidy benchtops.

It can be tempting to use your benchtops as a dumping site for all sorts of stuff. Your keys, bags, mail, parcels, dishes, and other random household objects can gravitate towards your bench. 

You need to be disciplined about your bench space and keep it free from clutter. Use drawers, your wardrobe, cupboards and other places to store the miscellaneous stuff that usually winds up on your bench.

Then, keep it wiped down so it is gleaming and clean, and it will give the impression of more space.

Sell, Donate or Give Away

Once a year or so, go through your home with a fine-tooth comb. Make three separate piles of things you no longer want or need.

Make one pile to sell, and put items up for sale on online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay. You might bring in a decent amount of money from this. You can sell things like old electronics, clothing and accessories in good condition and board games and books.

The next pile is things to donate to charity. These might still be in good condition, but that would be difficult to sell - such as cutlery, plates, bowls and other kitchen items.

Finally, make a pile sorted to give away to friends and family. You never know who will want something until you offer it.

If you’re feeling particularly charitable, you can skip the sell pile and simply donate or give away those better quality items. 

Doing this once a year will keep the general amount of household clutter down to a more manageable limit.

Curb Your Buying

One other way to avoid clutter in a small home is to be discerning in your purchases. Now, a bit of retail therapy is needed once in a while; however, if you live in a small home, you need to ask yourself if you can actually store something before buying it.

Try to limit your buying to smaller items that will store easily, and avoid the bigger things.

A Clutter-Free Conclusion

Follow the above tips to avoid clutter in your small home. The sofa bed idea is excellent for small apartments, and the buy/donate/give away yearly purge is a nifty tip. See how you go on your quest for a clutter-free home. What are some ideas you have?