Beautiful Bathroom Ideas to Try

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas to Try

Bathrooms used to be merely practical rooms, with little thought given to their aesthetic value. Ambiance was an alien word, with functionality taking top billing. In 2022, however, we want our bathrooms to help us unwind, creating that kind of mini-spa effect to help us escape the toils of a busy day.

The problem? Bathroom renovations can get a little expensive. And considering where inflation has been going so far this year, most families don’t exactly have a lot of disposable income. The ideas we’re suggesting here will give your bathroom both a stylistic and practical upgrade, but they won’t all break the bank.

Huge Bathtubs: The Wellness Break Focal Point

Depending on the amount of space in your bathroom (note: this one probably isn’t for NYC apartment dwellers!), you may want to consider an XL bathtub to give your space that spa/wellness center type of atmosphere.

Going for a larger bathtub will not only make taking baths feel like you’ve just been transported to a five-star hotel, but it will also become the aesthetic focal point for your bathroom.

It will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to the style of the space, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive either. Find one second-hand and give it a fresh lick of paint, and you’re ready for that spa retreat.

Your Showerhead Makes or Breaks the Spa Experience

A beautiful bathtub, underfloor heating, top-notch tiling throughout, gorgeous towel and bathrobe waiting for you, the works. Until you turn on that shower and the water trickles on your hair, with little pressure, it’s a spa experience fail.

Picking the proper showerhead can make or break your bathroom experience. You can go from the standard cheap motel effect to something that takes you away to a tropical paradise far away from the busy day you’ve just had.

There’s no one-size-fits-all, but the rainfall shower head combined with an extra handheld option won’t go far wrong. Just make sure to read into the detail, just to make sure your choices are compatible with your plumbing and fixtures.

Upcycle Your Way to Style

Another way of giving your bathroom an upgrade without taking out a second mortgage is to choose the upcycling route. It’s inexpensive, will give your bathroom a unique style, and it’s also better for the environment. Win-win-win.

One idea that can work particularly well is to upcycle your vanity. You can take a rectangular piece of antique furniture, for instance, and create a chic modern vanity. You’ll need to add a waterproof countertop and sink, but it’s a perfect DIY project that’s not as scary as it sounds.

You can find free items near your home on websites like Freecycle, for example. It’s an entirely nonprofit organization geared towards keeping stuff out of landfills. If you live in a large town or city, you can probably decorate your entire home for free!

Small Details = Big Effect

It’s always surprising how much effort a lot of people tend to place on the big-ticket items, but completely ignore the details that elevate the bathroom from standard to unique and luxurious. And best of all, these small details won’t cost you much at all.

Wallpaper in a Bathroom?

We mostly tend to think of bathroom decor consisting of paint or expensive tiling. But wallpaper has come a long way in recent years, and many brands offer products compatible with the steaming and wetness created by the bathroom environment.

We recommend opting for wallpaper that adds color and a little bit of personality to the space. Bathrooms can easily turn clinical, and wallpaper offers an inexpensive route to add oomph to your decor.

Vinyl Tiling

Another option is to have neutral walls, but add style with tiling. Traditional luxury tiling can be extremely expensive, but modern vinyl tiling can give you the same effect whilst also providing improved practical functionality.

Vinyl tiling is water-resistant and very easy to clean, and at first glance, there is very little that will tell you that it’s not traditional tiling. Visually, the exact same effect is created at a far lower cost.

Paint Your Ceiling (But Don’t Choose White!)

This ultra-low-cost solution will give your bathroom an aesthetic upgrade for just a few bucks and a little elbow grease. Smaller spaces will especially benefit from a painted ceiling that stands in contrast with your walls.

Painted ceilings are going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment, with colors other than traditional white enjoying an “it” moment. It’s an easy DIY option too, and if you combine it with a warm lamp you can create a soothing environment.

It’s Your Bathroom!

Our final ‘idea’ is to emphasize that these are just suggestions, not guidelines or must-dos. After all, it’s your space. Don’t be tempted to simply follow the latest trends, copy a photo you’ve seen on Pinterest (although we have to concede they have some fantastic ideas!), or go beyond what you can afford simply to tick style boxes.

Your bathroom is there to serve you and your family, not Instagram or Pinterest. The space should exude coziness and style, yet fulfill practical needs for your home as well. But just make sure you do it your way. If the idea works for you, then it’s a beautiful one.