Best Way To Clean Carpet – Some Easy Options

Best Way To Clean Carpet – Some Easy Options

Best way to clean a carpet

In spite of all your best efforts, you might not be able to prevent your carpet from getting dirty. Since we walk over the carpet time and again, it slowly starts collecting dirt, dust and other particles which starts making it look dull and dirty. No matter how hard you try to keep your carpet clean, it will eventually be the victim of accidents, spills and drops or anything which is on the bottom of your shoes. And you need to clean it quickly to ensure its long life and to maintain the hygiene at home. So, what is the best way to clean carpet?

Cleaning the carpet is a task which can be simple as well as complicated. To remove certain marks or stains, you can try out DIY remedies, but at times, you will need professional help, to have it totally clean. So, here are some easy ways to clean your carpet at home with ingredients that are easily available and which are not much expensive as well.

Best Way To Clean A Carpet – Here are some situations which might need special attention when cleaning:

Best Way to Clean Car Carpet

There is actually very little you can do to keep your car carpet clean, especially if you have pets and children.

Best Way to Clean a CarpetThere will always be litter, scraps, and stains on the carpet, which need to be removed. So, the best way to clean car carpet is by vacuuming it. It will help in removing all loose dirt and debris. The best way to clean carpet in car, when they are stained is by using a carpet stain remover. You will just have to spray on the stain, allow it to soak and then brush the stain with the help of brush.

Best Way To Clean Carpet Stains

There are several easy homemade solutions which can be used to clean carpet stains at home. One popular option is to prepare a cleaning solution with vinegar. You need to mix a cup of white vinegar and two cups of water. You can dip a white cloth into this mixture and then apply it to the stain. It will effectively remove the stain. You can also use club soda for cleaning stains from the carpet. Club soda is quite an effective cleaner when it is sprayed on the carpet. This is an effective solution for removing wine stains and blood from the carpet.

Best Way To Clean Vomit From Carpet

Yes, this is nasty, but you have to clean it. So, get started by first scraping off any excess vomit. You can then sprinkle some baking soda or little bit of cornstarch. This will help in soaking anything which is leftover. You can then vacuum it after 15 minutes. Next use a mild hand washing detergent and mix it with vinegar and warm water. You can sponge the stain with this solution using a blot paper or white cloth. You might have to blot till the liquid gets well absorbed. If needed, you can later spray organic lavender fragrance which will bring in added freshness.

How to Clean Dog Pee From Carpet

You need to first clean the mess and debris from the carpet. You can try the blot method which will soak up moisture without having to rub or smear. There might be a need to blot repeatedly until you find the carpet has dried up fully. You can touch the carpet and feel its dryness. In case the stain has dried, you might have to use a stain remover to remove the stains.

Best Way To Clean Boat Carpet

You will not need expensive products to clean the carpet of your boat. You shouldn’t use cleaners which can bleach the carpets or damage them. The best option is to clean the boat carpet with the help of a simple vacuum cleaner.  It will remove all dirt and will also remove any water which might have accumulated in the pockets.

How To Clean Heavily Soiled Carpet

If your carpet is heavily soiled, you need to vacuum it first. This will ensure that you are able to remove dry dirt from the carpet. Once you have completed the vacuuming, you need to use a strong pre-spray using a pump-up sprayer. This is usually made using warm water and some correction dilution. You can spray the carpet using a good spray. You can also use a defoamer for the purpose.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

You can deep clean a carpet using a vacuum cleaner or without using any cleaner. The best way to deep clean carpet involves the use of certain products which are easily available at home. You can prepare some homemade products using vinegar, water and baking soda for deep cleaning purpose. However, before you start the deep cleaning process, you need to ensure that the carpet is free from debris and dirt. Never use harsh chemicals which will not just clean your carpet but can also fade them.

Best way to clean a carpet

Cleaning The Carpet Without Machine

You will not always need an expensive machine or costly chemicals to clean the carpet. What is the best way to clean carpet without machine? To deep clean, you will need a bit of detergent and water. You can use table salt if needed. You can also use baking soda if required. Besides this, you will need to use cloth towels and old rags.

You can get started by sprinkling table salt and baking soda on the carpet. You need to then spray a mixture of soapy water on the mixture. Let it sit for some time. Once this is done, you need to brush the carpet in one direction with the help of your brush. You can then press the towels into the carpet, so that any excess moisture is quickly absorbed. When you find the area is totally dry, you can again empty this soapy mix from your spray bottle. You can then fill tap water into this bottle and the spray it on the carpet. You can again press your cloth towels on the area to absorb any excess moisture. Your carpet shall be deep cleaned like never before.

These were some of the many ways of cleaning your carpet in different circumstances.