gutter cleaning adelaide

5 Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean & Well-Maintained

Gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. If you do not keep your gutters clean, they will soon pile up with leaves and other debris that will not allow water to properly drain from your roof. This can lead to a slew of problems, like rotting wood, sagging gutters, pest infestations, and much…
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cleaning with kids

Messy Kids? 6 Ways to Keep Your House Clean (& stay sane!)

Children are a joy to have in life, but they come with an unfortunate side effect known as messiness. Indeed, even the most well-behaved kids can turn a clean home into a cluttered one in a matter of seconds, just by playing around. These six ways to keep your house clean with messy kids will…
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How to Clean Your Windows Like a Professional

You can easily clean your windows at home with basic window cleaner and a paper towel; but sometimes, that’s just not enough. This process can take a while to complete if you live in a large home, and it is not always as effective as professional window cleaning. If you want to make your windows…
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Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet

Red wine stains can look scary, especially if your carpet is white. However, with the right products and a little technique, you can remove the stain completely. If the stain has been there for some time, or you want to make sure you don’t make things worse than they already are, please talk to a…
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5 Spots You Probably Forget to Clean

Whether you have just made it through your spring cleaning list or just finished your weekly cleaning, there’s a good chance you missed a few spots (or possibly ignored them deliberately!). These ‘forgotten spots’ are the places that we see and use every day, but don’t give them any thought. Because they hide in plain sight,…
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Moving Out? 5 Ways to Get (all) Your Bond Back

All landlords appreciate their property being turned back over in good condition so they can have it ready for new tenants as quickly as possible. With the right approach and preparation, getting your bond back shouldn’t be too difficult. Consider these cleaning tips before you move out of your rental: Make a Plan The first…
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