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5 Ways to Remove Mould and Stop It Coming Back Again

Mould is a dangerous problem that can quickly take over your home if you are not careful. Not only does this put your health at risk, but it can also drain your bank account in repairs if left unattended. Rather than ignoring mould and hoping for the best, you need to do something about it…
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5 Tips to Select the Right Office Cleaning Company

Maintaining a sanitary and clean office is important to the success of your business. Most companies will hire a professional office cleaning service to address this, rather than hiring a janitor full-time. Cleaning companies will usually come in after business hours and clean all areas of your office space. You will probably find a large…
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10 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

The weather is getting warmer. The leaves and flowers are starting to bloom. It’s spring cleaning time. To make things easier on you, here are 10 simple spring cleaning tips to keep your house looking great for the months to come. 1) Organise that wardrobe Organising your wardrobe is your first step to organising the…
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How to Have a Clean and Healthy Home with Pets (6 Simple Tips)

Households with pets can be a challenge to keep clean and fresh, and most people want to keep their pet indoors (they are part of the family!). Pet hair gets on all the furniture and carpeting, and odours fill the air you breathe every day. If you follow a few simple tips, sharing your home…
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7 Professional Home Cleaning Tips

Greasy dirt on lamps and kitchen cabinets, shower door soap scum… some things around your home just don’t stay clean for very long. Here are some of the best kept cleaning secrets by professional house cleaners that will simplify your life by saving you time and effort. Cutting Through Grease Dirt and grease build up…
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How to Remove Odours from Carpets

Carpets can capture odours and seemingly hold onto them for dear life. You vacuum. You burn incense. You open every door and window but nothing seems to work. Odours can be effectively removed from your carpets but the degree of difficulty depends on how bad the odour is. If you’re up against some deep, long-lived…
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