How Clean Is Your Carpet? (Infographic)

Your carpet might look clean, but is it really?¬† What you can see on the surface doesn’t always tell the full story… Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat! Did you know that your carpet could contain up to 4 times its weight (or maybe more) in dirt, dust, mites, dead skin cells, pet hair, urine, bacteria,…
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Website Presence Study (2014): Cleaning Services Industry

Study finds the majority of cleaning services companies are not keeping up with consumer expectations online, and are missing out on opportunities to use the internet to attract and retain customers. A study conducted by TrustedCleaner, which analysed the effectiveness of the online activities of over 330 cleaning companies, has found that the majority of…
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Best way to clean a carpet

How to Remove Stains and Clean Your Upholstery

The main downside to upholstered furniture is its ability to soak up stains and dirt over time. If you have a stained piece of upholstered furniture¬†that you can't seem to get clean, the tips below may help you find a solution to your problem. Check out this guide showing how to remove stains and clean…
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gutter cleaning adelaide

5 Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clean & Well-Maintained

Gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. If you do not keep your gutters clean, they will soon pile up with leaves and other debris that will not allow water to properly drain from your roof. This can lead to a slew of problems, like rotting wood, sagging gutters, pest infestations, and much…
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cleaning with kids

Messy Kids? 6 Ways to Keep Your House Clean (& stay sane!)

Children are a joy to have in life, but they come with an unfortunate side effect known as messiness. Indeed, even the most well-behaved kids can turn a clean home into a cluttered one in a matter of seconds, just by playing around. These six ways to keep your house clean with messy kids will…
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How to Clean Your Windows Like a Professional

You can easily clean your windows at home with basic window cleaner and a paper towel; but sometimes, that’s just not enough. This process can take a while to complete if you live in a large home, and it is not always as effective as professional window cleaning. If you want to make your windows…
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