Business Verification Process

How to do we find the best cleaning companies in your local area?

In order to become recognised as a ‘Trusted Cleaner’ every business must pass our comprehensive verification process (it’s not possible for a business to simply ‘buy’ approved status).

We take pride in only recommending the best businesses and do everything possible (including rejecting sub-standard companies) to maintain the integrity and quality of our service.

There are two stages to our approval process & businesses will fall in to one of two categories:

  • Stage 1: Recommended Business
  • Stage 2: Approved / Verfifed Business


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Recommended Businesses (Stage 1 Verification Only)

We feature up to five recommended businesses on our website in each location.

Businesses on our exclusive short-list have demonstrated a commitment to excellence, and represent the leading cleaning companies in your local area.

Our independent team of researchers conducts extensive research to bring you the best businesses, so you know you are dealing with a business you can trust.

This initial verification process takes over 5 hours for each location, and involves sorting through up 200 different companies. Only the best businesses make it on to our short-list.

Recommended Business Criteria:

We look for companies who are:

Our Carpet Cleaning in Perth page is a good example.

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Approved Business (Fully Verified)

Businesses who make it on to our short-list of the top cleaning companies in a particular location can choose become fully verified.

If you see a business displaying the Trusted Cleaner Verified Business Seal of Approval you know they are a highly skilled & experienced business who you can trust.

In order to become verified businesses much successfully complete a more extensive vetting and verification process where we:

These businesses are highlighted on our website and can be found above the recommended businesses.

Stage 1: Shortlisting Process

Extensive Research to find the best businesses

There are lots of cleaning companies out there, however not all of them make our grade. Our first task is to conduct extensive online and offline research to create a short-list of the best local companies in every industry / location.

Our team use their experience, and a range of tools to compile this list. We do ‘mystery shopping’, check reviews & forums for feedback, conduct internet research and ask for direct customer feedback. We also check their ABN is valid and verify membership of professional associations.

Recommended companies, whilst not fully verified, are businesses you can trust.

Stage 2: Final Vetting Process

In the 2nd stage of our process we complete the final vetting procedures (if the business decides to become a fully approved member) which include:

Step 1: Check licenses, insurance and qualifications:
We ask for copies of insurance certificates and check licenses / qualifications are update and in place

Step 2: Sign our customer charter
Businesses also have to agree to adhere to our customer charter, and be committed to ensuring all dealings are professional, fair, up-front and honest.

Step 3: Owner Interview
We conduct an interview with the owner to make sure they understand our ethos / standards and are committed to providing a great customer experience at all times.

Step 4: Ongoing Monitoring and Review
To ensure members are upholding our standards and our customer charter and providing the levels of service we expect:

  • Customers are encouraged to leave reviews on our website about their experiences
  • Our team conduct mystery shopping exercises on a regular basis and may contact customers to monitor feedback.


Whilst we do everything possible to vet & verify every business (using the process outlined above), it is not possible to provide a guarantee on their product or service. Therefore we cannot be responsible for the work carried out by these businesses and accept no liability from any loss or injury caused as a result of using their services. We recommend conducting your own research and due diligence before engaging any contractor.

Having said that we do take complaints very seriously, and will take immediate action to revoke a businesses membership if they are found in be in breach of our terms. Please contact us if you would like to report an issue.

We also provide a meditation service to try and resolve any issues between you and the business owner.

What We Do

We check for a valid:

  • ABN
  • Public Liability Insurance certificate
  • Employee Liability Insurance certificate (where appropriate)
  • License/s (where appropriate)

We review:

  • Qualifications (& request copies of certificates)
  • Membership of trade / professional body

We research :

  • To ensure previous customers have been satisfied
  • To identify business who maintain a strong reputation and take pride in doing a great job

We required that business owners:

  • Agree to our customer charter
  • Complete all sections of their business profile fully

We do all this to make sure we only represent the best of the best. We want you to save time, money and avoid the normal hassles and frustrations that come with finding someone to do a great job at a fair price.