How to Have a Clean and Healthy Home with Pets (6 Simple Tips)

How to Have a Clean and Healthy Home with Pets (6 Simple Tips)

dog laying on carpetHouseholds with pets can be a challenge to keep clean and fresh, and most people want to keep their pet indoors (they are part of the family!). Pet hair gets on all the furniture and carpeting, and odours fill the air you breathe every day.

If you follow a few simple tips, sharing your home with a pet doesn’t have to mean too much extra work. Don’t worry if you might not be able to train your pet well enough to follow house rules – these tips are designed for you, not your pet!

Managing Pet Hair

Grooming your pets regularly will help diminish the problem of unruly hair, but even this has limitations with heavy shedding breeds. Your pets tend to gravitate towards specific spots around the house where they like to lay and rest, so one trick to manage pet hair is to place a towel or a small blanket on these spots. You can easily shake off the pet hair outdoors and then throw the towel or blanket in the washing machine.

Pet Hair on Clothing and Upholstery

For clothing, your best bet in removing pet hair is to use a tape roller. Loop a string through the handle and hang one from the doorknob inside your closets throughout the house, so that they are always available to use. For furniture, use a hand vacuum with a motorised beater bar attachment or your upright vacuum’s upholstery tool. Dry sponges or lint brushes designed for clothing also work quite well.

Keeping Paws Clean

Leave a towel and a shallow container filled about a third of the way with room temperature water by your door. When you take your dog out walking, you can dip each of your dog’s paws into the water. Dry off your dog’s paws and let it go about its regular daily routine. This is particularly useful during winter months when driveways and footpaths are wet with rain and sludge.

Work Quickly on Stains

It’s best to get to a pet urine stain as quickly as possible. Urine left on carpets can permanently and negatively affect the dye and leave a terrible looking stain. Blot out fresh stains with a clean white cloth, absorbing as much of the moisture as possible. Afterwards, apply a solution made of a quarter teaspoon of clear dishwashing liquid and one cup of tepid water. Use another clean and dry towel to blot out the solution. Repeat the process a few times for greater effectiveness.

Protecting Surfaces from Puppy Scratches

For your pet’s own health, it’s always a good idea to have its nails trimmed regularly, especially if it spends most of its time indoors. Dogs often scratch at doors to let you know they want to go outside or into another room. A way to protect your doors is to cover the area with a sheet of flexible plastic. Next, you might want to try and train your pet to signal you in another matter, like by nudging a bell hung from the doorknob. When the new behaviour sets in, you can remove the flexible plastic.

Have a Placemat for Your Pet

Your pet may not mind eating wherever it is you set their food tray; but for easy clean up, you’ll want to use a placemat under your pet’s bowl. This is particular helpful if your pet is a messy eater. Buying the kind of placemat that is laminated makes it even easier to wipe down with little effort, using a safe water-based cleaning solution.

These tips will help you maintain a healthy and clean home throughout most of the year, but for the absolute best cleaning you should always look into hiring professional cleaners. Only professional cleaners have the skill and expertise to deal with the toughest stains and harshest odours caused by pets. Plus, only professional cleaners have access to a wider range of cleaning solutions that are designed to be 100 percent safe for your pets and family. So if you find yourself in need of some additional help, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.

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