How to Create a Cleaning Business Flyer

How to Create a Cleaning Business Flyer

If you intend on starting a cleaning business from scratch, you need to market it really well. That’s only possible if you use every source, ranging from social media to flyers.

While most business owners are skilled at social media usage, they fall short in terms of creating flyers and brochures.

Can you relate? If yes, you’re lucky since we’ll discuss all you need to know about making a cleaning business flyer in this article. From choosing the right decision to selecting the font, you’ll find every little detail below.

Why do you Need Cleaning Business Flyers?

Many people mistakenly believe that the era of flyers is gone. However, even in today’s digitally inclined time, business flyers are an integral component in marketing. Here are some reasons you need to create a cleaning business flyer:

Affordable Marketing Tool

Flyers are much more affordable than other marketing tactics. First off, you do not need to spend months coming up with data and insights for creating a flyer. Second, you can just walk over to your nearby stationery shop and get them printed.

Reach More People

With flyers, you can reach local residents easily. As they’re your immediate market in a cleaning business, you should definitely distribute flyers as soon as you begin business operations.

If possible, hand out flyers at community events. Or, you can leave them at the public library or distribute them in the park.

Include Incentives

If you’re worried people won’t read your flyers, include incentives and make them prominent. For instance, you can give a coupon code to customers who approach you with a flyer. Or, you can offer 10% off for referring a friend.

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Where to Design a Cleaning Business Flyer?

Luckily, there are many online resources that you can use without paying a single cent. Most of these have readily available templates that you only need to fill.

Canva is an excellent option for people with limited design experience who want to create visually appealing and functional flyers. Likewise, you can use Adobe Spark, although it’s a bit hard to use as compared to Canva.

Here’s another resource where you can find 14 readymade templates for a cleaning business flyer. However, it’s better if you make some changes here and there to maintain your individuality.

Otherwise, it will be hard for the customers to differentiate you from other cleaning businesses that also take templates from the Internet to make flyers.

What to Include in a Cleaning Business Flyer?

If you’re not sure about what to put in a cleaning business flyer, you can simply pick up any company’s flyer and follow the pattern. Typically, a business flyer has the following components:

  • Headline: Although it comprises a few words, it’s the most important part of your flyer since you have to grab the audience’s attention with what you write here. The headline should let the viewers know what to expect when they read the flyer.
  • Business Name: It’s also essential to write your company’s name, address, and contact information on the flyer. How else will interested individuals be able to hire you?
  • Service Description: Use the size of your flyer strategically to write the services you provide. Do not cram information in a small space as people are not likely to read smaller fonts. Also, do not bore readers with irrelevant detail.
  • Pictures: Too much text can make a flyer boring and difficult to read. Rather, you should add some pictures - not too many, though - in the flyer. It’s best if you show the before and after pictures of the previous jobs you have done.
  • Individuality: How do you stand out from the other cleaning businesses in the area? You need to tell the viewers that one unique thing about you that makes you worthy of being hired. For instance, you may have a certain certification or award that you can mention on the flyer.
  • Call to Action: Finally, add a call to action to motivate people into contacting you immediately. For example, you can give a special discount to new customers.

Where Should You Print the Flyers?

If you’re on a budget, printing the flyers at home on regular A4 paper can save you money. But if you want better-looking, sleek paper, opt for professional printers since they will be more cost-effective than buying expensive ink for your home printer.

After you’ve printed the flyers, distribute them in your locality. Request your local grocery stores, schools, restaurants, and laundromats to keep your flyers on their reception desks.

You can also hand out flyers outside a mall or a place your target audience is likely to be. Finally, mailing flyers to every house in a few blocks of your range is also a good idea.

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Creating a Cleaning Business Flyer: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to create outstanding business flyers:

  • If you don’t have a knack for designing, don’t mess up the flyer with poor layouts. Instead, take inspiration from flyer templates on Pinterest. You can even copy one of them for your business.
  • Use bullet points. They’re easier to read, and they break down large chunks of information into smaller and more comprehensive points. In this way, the readers can skim over the information and take in the important features of your business.
  • Use the same color scheme as your business logo and card. Keep in mind that you want to create monotony in the way your business appears to your target business.
  • Proofread thoroughly. Nothing says unprofessional like a flyer that has grammatical and spelling errors. Read the text multiple times to make sure there’s no mistake or typo.
  • Include updated contact information. If your contact details or address have changed, put the most recent details on the flyer. With wrong information, you don’t only lose a customer’s trust but also the possible revenue they could bring to your business.


Having said all this, you are now ready to design a cleaning business flyer for your venture. Make sure to keep a balance between the visual appeal and functional aspects of a flyer. At the end of the day, it should not only look pretty but also bring you customers.

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