Guide to Picking a Unique Cleaning Business Name

Guide to Picking a Unique Cleaning Business Name
(Step by Step How to Guide)

Your business name is probably the very first thing your customers notice. It’s your brand’s very identity, so you should not be taking it lightly, especially if you own a cleaning business. This guide will help you come up with a unique and catchy name that represents you and your business.

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Below you’ll find 4 simple  to follow steps that ‘walk’ you through the process of Picking a Cleaning business Steps

Why is a Perfect Name Important for Your Cleaning Business?

Did you know 77% of consumers buy things or opt for the service just because of the brand name? That’s the power of a name. It can potentially become a brand on its own. People would not refer to the business as a cleaning service but simply use the business name.

Here is a challenge: choosing a cleaning service name isn’t that easy anymore.

First, this is a saturated industry with businesses active for years. That means a lot of the common and apparent names have probably been taken. Secondly, you also have to get a name that’s available as a domain name.

How to Pick a Cleaning Business Name

It’s completely fine if you take your sweet time to come up with a name. If you believe in your business model, this name could be the next most popular thing in the cleaning industry. That alone warrants a few days to deliberate over the name.

Here’s how you can come up with a name for your cleaning service:

Use Indicative Words

A good idea, especially for a new business, is to use suggestive or indicative words that help explain the nature of the business. People should be able to tell what it is that your business does right from the name.

Not only will it make your brand more visible, but it also helps with SEO when people use generic terms to search.

For a cleaning business, these indicative words could be:

  • Clean
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaners
  • Help
  • Cleaning Service

Brainstorm and Make a List

Using the generic words above, brainstorm name ideas and put them on a list. Since you’re using one of these words, your business name would at least consist of two words. At most, it should have four words, no more than that.

You can sit down and think of names. You can also draw a table with each of the generic words to add more words to each.

Here are some examples:

  • Clean Freaks
  • Cleaning Home
  • EZ Cleaners
  • Clean n Go

It’s okay to ask for help if you feel stuck. You can ask friends and family to suggest names. Who knows someone else might come up with a unique name?

Use a Business Name Generator

business name generator is essentially a computer algorithm that can suggest your business names based on your business type or idea. You just type in what your business idea is, in this case, a cleaning service, and the computer generates hundreds of suggestions.

Most of these name generators are essentially domain name generators. Therefore, you can also find an available domain from the get-go. That said, you’ve to spend some time looking for the right name as most suggestions are not really good.

You can use domain hosting websites to find domain/business name ideas. Websites like,, and can find available domain names in seconds.

Your business is all about selling a service to people. You can also use to find synonyms for words.

Short List the Best Names

After you’ve brainstormed name ideas and used online tools to find some catchy names, make a list of your favorite ones. This list should be short, no more than five names.

Here’s how you can choose the best names:

  • The names should have easy pronunciation
  • It should ideally contain the indicative word(s)
  • It should be easy to remember
  • You should like it

The last point is extremely important. It’s your business, you call the shots, so it only makes sense that you choose a name you like.

Check for Availability

When you have narrowed down your list to the absolute best names, it’s time to find whether these are even available. A quick google search should do the job. Look for businesses in the cleaning industry who might have the same or similar name.

You should also search whether the name is available for the domain name. It’s crucial to have your business name as the domain name. That makes it easier for people to find you online.

This should perhaps narrow the list further down. If you're torn between the last two to three choices, consult a test audience.

For example, ask your friends, family, or colleagues, how the name sounds. You can simply tell them the name without the context and ask them questions like what do they think it is, do they like it, is it memorable, etc.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Cleaning Business Name

The worst thing you can do as a startup is to choose the wrong name. Even if you have a great idea, it will not make a difference if you don’t have a great name. It’s all the more important for cleaning services as often you rely on word of mouth.

There are pitfalls to avoid when choosing a business name. These are the common mistakes you should look out for:

Don’t Pick a Name that Limits the Business

If you’re picking a name that confines you to a certain service or city/town, you might have problems when your business grows. Suppose you choose something like XYZ Carpet Cleaners.

The question here is, what if you want to expand to commercial cleaning?

Don’t Use Tough Spellings

Not everyone is a spelling bee champ. You’d be surprised to find that so many people can’t spell ordinary words right (including the word ordinary). Therefore, pick a name with easy spelling.

Picking easy to spell words does two things: it’s easier to read, and the name is easy to remember.

This does not mean you go with something very generic. Find the right balance between easy and unique.

Don’t Choose Cheap and Uncommon Extensions

Extensions like .net, .info, and .biz do not quite have the ring to it. As mentioned before, your business name should be there in the domain name.

If someone types your business name in the URL box, they’ll most likely add the .com extension to it. So try going for a domain name with a .com extension.

Never Use a Trademarked Name

You don’t want your new startup to drown in lawsuits. This is why it’s imperative to make sure that the business name is not trademarked or even registered.

Don’t be Too Unique

You don’t want to overdo the unique and catchy part. Using foreign language words or going away from conventional spelling may seem like a cool idea, but it’s not always the case.

You don’t want to sound unprofessional, or worse, desperate.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that your cleaning business name has implications beyond your realizations. Your business name can essentially make or break your startup. If you can get the name right, you’re off to a good start.

Make sure to take your time and get feedback from around you. It’s important to get into the mind of the customer. It’s better to take the time now then go through the trouble of changing names.

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