How to Create a Cleaning Company Slogan – Tips & Tricks

How to Create a Cleaning Company Slogan - Tips & Tricks

What’s the first thing you should do after starting a cleaning company? You guessed it right; you must gear yourself for its advertising and marketing to the targeted audience.

Cleaning Company Slogan Ideas - Tips and Tricks

If you want to promote your cleaning company as a unique brand, you need to select an attractive tagline to grab the customers’ attention.

Slogans are one of the most tricky tasks as you need to be precise about selecting the words that represent your story behind the cleaning company.

Read along to learn about some tricks and ideas that will help you create a unique cleaning tagline.

Importance of a Cleaning Company Tagline

Before discussing the cleaning company slogan tips, let’s understand the role of a clever tagline in boosting your cleaning company. It’s the basic foundation of branding your company.

In marketing, we say, consumers judge a company by its slogan. That’s why a tagline can make or break your cleaning company.

The first thing to keep in mind behind developing a slogan is to look at the mission and vision statement. It’s because it depicts the story of your cleaning company.

Since the story behind every company is unique, so is the tagline.

How to Write a Cleaning Company Slogan?

Understandably, it’s one of the most challenging jobs to write a cleaning company slogan. That’s why we have compiled the following list of hacks that will help you create a great cleaning company slogan:

  • You should try to prompt the significant benefit of using your cleaning services.
  • It’s essential to boost your cleaning company’s commitment and its customer services.
  • It’s recommended to keep the slogan short and impactful.
  • Rhythm and rhyme are your best friends while creating a catchy slogan.
  • You shouldn’t overcommit while writing a cleaning company slogan. It’s important to be true to your customers and values.
  • You should focus on developing easy-to-remember slogans.
  • Don’t pick some random slogan that doesn’t connect with your customers or represent your cleaning services.

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Tips to Write Cleaning Company Slogans

Your slogan should neither be short nor long and, most importantly, without puns. Follow these tips to write an apt tagline for your cleaning company:

Selection of Words

Don’t consider yourself Nike and go for a slogan like “Just do it.” Why? It’s because Nike is a global brand, and you are about to start your cleaning company. See the difference?

That’s why to be wise while selecting the words and be accurate about the cleaning service deliverables with slogans such as “You deserve the best cleaning” or “Scrub Squad.”


The companies write slogans to grab the attention of the customers. People don’t have enough time to read all about your cleaning business; that’s why slogans are intentionally kept short and catchy. For instance, the slogans such as “Clean is my middle name” and “Don’t stress and let us handle your mess” attract the customers immediately as they are fun and quirky.

Intended Audience

You shouldn’t write vague slogans such as “Quality is necessary” or “Referred for a reason” because they don’t represent your cleaning business. In addition, it can confuse the audience about what quality or the reference you are talking about.

If you are a cleaning company, you must let the right audience know about your services.

Zero Partiality

You should make your slogans funny without sounding partial to any political party, race, or religion. That’s a big No. For example, “All Australians believe in our cleaning services” definitely sound partial.

What Not to Do While Writing a Cleaning Company Slogan?

Let’s discuss a few don’ts that you should avoid at any cost while writing the slogan. A bad slogan can drift your customers away and create a negative impact on your business.

  • You shouldn’t forcibly try to rhyme the slogan.
  • Don’t overcommit or overpromise a service that your cleaning company isn’t offering.
  • You should opt for a polite slogan instead of a sarcastic or offensive slogan because it’s trendy.

Many cleaning companies tend to mistake the competitors and modify their taglines just to attract their existing customers. It may help you gain customers at first, but it’s not something that will last forever. At worst, if you aren’t able to deliver better than your competitors, your customer base will exponentially fall.

The Five Ws of Cleaning Company Slogans

Have you heard about the five Ws? These are When, Where, Who, Why, and What. Your slogan should be able to communicate your brand message to your customers. Moreover, the audience should know about your business and your commitment to cleaning services.

For instance, if your slogan is “Clean and Shine,” it means your cleaning company is offering cleaning services featuring sparkling white shine.


The slogan represents the objective, vision, and mission of your cleaning company. It addresses why the customers should opt for your cleaning company instead of the others available in the market. The slogan can include your unique selling point (USP) to attract the audience.


It means your slogan delivers a clear message of the cleaning services offered by your company. Opting for vague and unclear slogans often confuse the customers when they can’t figure out the offered services or the nature of business.


As the name suggests, it indicates the locations where to use your cleaning company slogan. For instance, you can use the tagline on your company website header, business cards, email signature, product packaging, business listing, social media profiles, and of course, pamphlets.


The slogan is an integral part of branding your cleaning business. That’s why you should start using it when you begin the entire marketing and branding campaign.


The slogan targets the intended customers and increases your clientele.

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Some Cleaning Company Slogan Ideas

For your reference, we have also created a list of catchy cleaning slogans:

  • Our cleaning services make your homes shine bright
  • Cleaning your houses makes us happy
  • One-for-all and all-for-one cleaning services
  • Cleaning services that turn old into all new
  • No one can clear your house better than us
  • You deserve a clean home
  • Cleaning the world, house by house
  • Let us brighten your day by cleaning your house
  • We can clean your windows to offer you better views
  • Dustbusters are just one call away

Cleaning Company Slogan Testing

Another great tip is to test-run the slogan before finalising one. But, how do you do that?

You can share the shortlisted slogans with your existing customers, friends, and family members and take their feedback.

Final Verdict

If you want to have a successful cleaning business, you shouldn’t undermine the power of a catchy slogan. It’s the second thing that customers usually read after the name of the company.

That’s why the above tips and tricks can help you create a unique tagline for your cleaning business.

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