Customer Charter

You can find out more about our verification processes and the difference between Recommended and Approved businesses here.

Our charter requires businesses to be committed to being professional, fair, skilled, up-front and honest in all dealings. This charter is in place to ensure services are completed on-time, to a high-standard and at the quoted price.


We only want to work with businesses who take pride in doing great work. If you feel that a company listed on this website has not adhered to the standards set out below, please contact us and we will investigate the issue immediately.

Please Note:

Only fully verified / approved businesses are required to adhere to our customer charter (although we expect all businesses listed on our website to follow the principles laid out below). Verified businesses are clearly marked and display our seal of approval. Approved Businesses Agree To:

Note: Some standards may not apply in all situations or to all businesses (for example if a company is providing a product, rather than a service)