14 Essential Cleaning Business Forms: Templates and Examples for Success

Cleaning business forms hold an important place in business. The cleaning forms are the first official document that the customer views. So it must be drafted professionally and should be wholly customer-oriented.

Maintaining separate sets of cleaning business forms for residential and commercial clients is essential. However, in some cases, it may be convenient to use a single house cleaning document for all clients.

Best House Cleaning Business Forms (All You Need)

Importance of House Cleaning Business Forms

The most apparent benefit of the cleaning business forms is that they hold valuable information about the client.

So you get to keep a record of the work you've done for them. This information is essential for your success if you have expansion in your business plan.

The key, however, is getting the correct information from the client, which is only possible if you design the forms correctly.

Here are a few factors you need to take care of for recording valuable information:

  • Number of hours employees spend cleaning in the client's own home/office
  • The proximity of the client's place
  • Client preference for cleaning tasks
  • The number of times your company has been hired for the job

All this information can help you get the most out of your cleaning business. For one, you can raise the price and justify it by the workers' performance, the number of hours spent in a house, and other such variables.

Then, knowing such details about the customers will give you advertising opportunities to achieve customer satisfaction owing to your exceptional services! So here we are with the cleaning business forms and ideas for getting all the client information you need.

Best Commercial and Residential Cleaning Business Forms

Utilising a cleaning business form template instead of creating a unique form for each customer can be a time and effort-saving measure. However, ensuring that the selected template is comprehensive and contains only accurate information is crucial. Below are some excellent templates to consider to assist in launching your house cleaning business.

You can use these directly or edit bits according to your business forms requirements.

For commercial cleaning services, get your documents and brochures worded, organised, and phrased correctly. All these documents will show that your business has a robust and organised foundation, guide you to use suitable marketing materials, and enable you to pull in more clients and convert leads.

So, buying these business forms is worth it if you want to build your client base.

Check out these 14 'Done-for-you' Cleaning Business Forms

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The forms are structured to get you the requisite information, and all questions are provided to help you find the right clients. So, you can target your business-suited clients instead of wasting time and resources.

What's Included in the Package?

The package contains fourteen complete forms and lists for your cleaning business. There are:

  • Proposals and Letters: Residential Cleaning Proposal & Letter, Office Cleaning Proposal, and the Customer Welcome Letter
  • Agreements & Invoices: Independent Contractor Agreement, Customer Agreement
  • Checklists: Business Start-up Checklist, Residential Cleaning Specifications Checklist, Cleaning Supplies Checklist
  • Estimates and Client Schedules: Client Scheduler, In-Home Walk-Through Estimate Form 
  • Forms, Scripts, and Templates: Telephone Booking Script, Breakage Form / Report, Press Release Template, Client Feedback / Satisfaction Form

The Complete Residential Cleaning Checklist

The list has numbered tasks for the cleaning services required around the house. These are categorised room by room and have a complete enlisting of services your company provides for cleaning the:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms and living areas
  • Laundry room
  • Entryway, and
  • Other house cleaning services include floor waxing, dishwashing, stove and oven cleaning, etc.

The form has a designated space and is editable, so you can customise it, add your logo, and give it a more customised look. There are also essential business details like your company's name, phone number, email address, and web address that you can add.

Office Cleaning Proposal

Office Cleaning Proposal Template

The next document in the package is the cleaning proposal. It is an important document to ensure that all the cleaning service tasks are listed and discussed with the client in detail. So each task is further divided into categories, frequency, and the cleaning required.

Additional cleaning services for the fountains, elevators, carpets, etc., can also be selected.

It further states the terms of the cleaning service at the end, a customer undertaking, and proposal acceptance. Moreover, there's also a section for special cleaning services requests at the end.

Residential Cleaning Proposal

Residential Cleaning Checklist

Another essential document for a cleaning service provider is the residential cleaning proposal. Again, a detailed proposal comes as part of this pack.

It includes a template for basic information about your company. For example, who you are, your cleaning services, your USP, and how you provide exceptional service and stand out among competitors.

It also has sections for the cleaning schedule and the number of rooms in the house.

House Cleaning Service Agreement

House Cleaning Service Agreement Template

The house cleaning service agreement is a significant component of your contract with the customer. This essential document is predesigned with all the vital information about the customers' residences. For example, the frequency, number of rooms, type of home, cleaning service, preferred times and days, etc., are all included here.

Again, there are designated spaces for the logo placement, and the forms are 100% editable, so you can personalise them per the company's services and policies.

Policies and Procedures Document

We know how important it is to compile the company policies and draft a document for the customer to view before signing the contract. So our policies and procedures document the liability, business, and cancellation policies. You may further amend the form to suit your business requirements.

Here's what is covered in each type of policy:

  • Liability Policies: This part covers where there's a concern about who should be held responsible in case of accidents and claims. Moreover, the policy clearly states the areas covered under the cleaning services, such as the usage of ladders and weight limit for moving items, etc.
  • Have your business policies clearly stated in your contract. These cover areas not included in the cleaning service, and everything is mentioned and written here. 
  • Cancellation Policy: Lastly, the cancellation policy, the notice period, and all the details about cancelling the cleaning job are enlisted here.


Cleaning Business Invoice Template

Next, we have the invoice. This, too, is structured and has columns for the job description, the number of hours worked, the rate, and the amount charged for each job.

Further details about the payment and timelines are also mentioned.

Cleaning Business Start-up Checklist

Residential Cleaning Start-up Supplies Checklist

Any new cleaning business needs a business startup checklist. This form covers all the documentation, paperwork, and market information. It is a necessary form for a new business, so everything is noticed when setting yourself up in the market.

Hence, there are no flanks or possibilities for legal action and claims against your business.


These top house cleaning business forms can assist you in expanding your business by attracting more clients. With all the necessary details covered in the forms, it will be more straightforward to establish contact and convert potential clients into active ones, thereby increasing your sales.

Please click below to take advantage of the special discounted price and purchase the form pack today. We are excited to hear from you soon!

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