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Most frequent questions and answers

Our services connects you with specialised local cleaning companies you can trust.

We do the searching, short-listing and verification for you, and provide you with the details of the best businesses in your local area. This means you avoid the scams, and save time, hassles and frustrations.

Only businesses who have been through our verification process are allowed to use our Trusted Cleaner seal of approval.

We represent the best cleaning companies in Australia, from small one-person operations to large organisations.  These companies offer a range of services including carpetbond, window, gutter and exterior cleaning in various locations throughout Australia.

To check if a business is verified please visit the TrustedCleaner Home Page.

Yes, we love to receive nominations, please contact us and provide us with the business name, phone number and reasons for your nomination. If you are the owner of business who consistently goes above and beyond, you are welcome to nominate yourself.

NOTE: With all nominations we still need to complete our standard checks and processes in order to verify the business & we cannot guarantee they will be accepted.

We have a strict process in to place to short-list businesses. You can view the full process here.


We do everything we can to weed out the bad apples, and bring you the businesses you can trust (and even when they are approved we like to keep an eye on what they are doing!).

However it would be impossible for us to provide a 100% guarantee, and recommend you do your own research, checks and most importantly go with your gut instinct. Our website terms and conditions explain this in more detail and we recommend reading them.

Please see below for the process to use if you want to make a complaint or resolve an issue with one of our verified businesses.

If you have used the services of a business featured on our website and are unhappy with the outcome, please try to work with the company to resolve the issue first. If you are unable to reach a resolution please contact us, we will try to mediate and resolve the situation. If we are unable to do this we will direct you to the relevant departments where you may wish to take further advice.

Any complaints against our verified businesses are taken very seriously, and can result in them being removed from our listings.

We are business and without a way to make money we wouldn’t be able to continue to provide this valuable service.

We make money in two ways.

  1. We charge companies who want to be listed on our website and use our seal of approval a fee to cover the costs of our verification process
  2. We allow short-listed companies to purchase additional advertising on our website