Getting Clients for a Cleaning Business – 15 Tips & Tricks

Getting Clients for a Cleaning Business - 15 Tips & Tricks

Getting clients for the cleaning business is not all that easy. When you compete with other businesses, you are likely to offer more competitive prices and lose focus on some other crucial aspects. So, regardless of your cleaning business size or nature, you need something extra to get more clients.

This article will explore some essential tools and techniques to get more clients for your cleaning services. So, if you're looking for a way to get going, this post may be the game-changer for you.

Resilience Matters Most

Before we start, remember that any cleaning business will require dedication, less family time, and much patience. For a company to grow, the business owner must commit to the cause. It's maybe a bitter pill to swallow, but the results will be worth it.

Whether it's about marketing strategy, the target market, or dealing with current clients, these recommendations can help you excel in the cleaning industry.

Learn about your Ideal Client

Let alone cleaning business, picturing your ideal client is the fundamental step in any industry. So, it's crucial to know who you want to provide services to. If you don't know your potential clients, here are some starters.

  • Learn about the types of services they want
  • What neighborhood your client comes from
  • Preferred social media sites of the people

A useful client is the one who shows up frequently. So, if you see any recurring patterns in services, that's a prospective client right there!

A pro tip in identifying your cleaning clients is to provide targeted solutions. For instance, respond to client concerns giving them more personalized feedback for their problem. It will create a comfortable surrounding where your client is more likely to listen and request your services.

An Email List Helps

If you're wondering that your emails will end up in spam folders, you might be wrong. As surprising it may sound, email marketing hasn't gone extinct just yet. There is much benefit to be extracted out of this service if you use it smartly.

Whether it's a standard user or a company of any scale, everyone has email accounts, and they use it every day. So, it would be best if you sneaked in their inbox to stand a better chance of getting new cleaning clients.

So, firstly keep track of your current cleaning clients' email address. Hence, you can send upcoming promotions and offers. For instance, you might be starting new carpet cleaning services, so your customers must be aware of it.

Build a Contact Database

Want to hear a pro tip? Build an environment where you can collect necessary contact details like the email and phone number of the people who approach you. Hence, a long email list can turn out to be a fruitful investment for your cleaning company.

Paid Ads

In the times of social media and numerous digital platforms, marketing is no longer a problem. Regardless of how big or small your cleaning company may be, it's a great idea to advertise your cleaning services on these platforms.

You can start with paid ads on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. While you're email marketing, on the one hand, paid advertisements can get you up close with your target audience. If you're confident of your cleaning business, it won't harm you to pay per lead.

Paid Services Give Better Focus

One significant advantage of paid ads is that you can focus on the right audience. When you market through the right keywords on Google, you can expect your ads to reach the most relevant users, becoming regular cleaning clients.

For targeted marketing, there is multiple software to help search for the right keywords. Moreover, Facebook advertising allows you to focus on demographics and interests to device an improved marketing plan.

Client Referrals

For any cleaning business, the clients can be a great source of earning more customers. So, there are two ways to make client referrals.

Impress with Your Services

Firstly, if you can impress your current cleaning clients with your services, they are likely to refer you to a friend. Moreover, if you own an office cleaning business, a satisfied client is a potential jackpot. One client referral can lead to a chain of new clients, and it's then time to keep them loyal to you.

Ask for Referrals

The second way to get referrals is to ask your clients to refer to others. However, it may require you to offer some free services to your current clients, but it's worth a try. You can always make up for it if you have more customers.

There is a proper system for getting referrals in the digital age and how you reward your clients for bringing new customers. Often business websites will have a reference section where they present coupons and discounts for friend referrals. So, if you haven't tried it yet, it's about time that you do.

Bonus Offers

Who doesn't like a bit of 'extra' services? Offering additional services has been a successful marketing strategy for decades. It's mainly because of its psychological impact on the customer. Therefore, it's essential to craft mouth-watering bonus offers.

For instance, you can offer an additional window cleaning with a carpet cleaning service for the same price. The terms like 'free' and 'bonus' will always attract customers. So, a 'free' window cleaning service should appeal to the customer.

Your Offers Must be Competitive

It's also important to know the right industry trends and focus on which ones to follow. For instance, your offer may be tremendous, but competitor cleaning companies might have a similar request too. So, it would be best if you looked around before launching a bid.

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Customer Reviews are Gold

In a cleaning business, client reviews are everything. When offering services, make sure to ask your clients to share their feedback. A satisfied customer review is as precious as gold for two reasons. Firstly, it's an indication that your customer will remain loyal to you.

Secondly, positive responses lead to new customers. One of the critical aspects of getting testimonials is that it should be easy for the reviewer to submit their reply. When asking the customer to submit their response, could you give them your Facebook page link, etc.?

If you put the customer in charge of searching and posting the comment, you can potentially lose valuable feedback.

Video Messages are High-Value

Another great idea is to ask for video messages. This is especially useful with industry-based people. This way, not only do you get a review, but your client also gets to market their business indirectly. So, it's a win-win for both.

When you have the customer reviews, make sure to flaunt your work and success story on all platforms. Showcase your work to your website, social media pages with the right hashtags. It can enhance your reach to new customers.

Your Client Must Come Back for More

If your services are worth it, all marketing materials aside, the client will come back to you. So, you can never let go of anyone. There is no hack for providing quality services. Ultimately, it will lead you to recurring cleaning jobs.

Whether you have a small or large company, the secret to growth lies in recurring jobs from the same cleaning clients. With regular cleaning jobs, you can maintain a better cash flow. Moreover, it reassures that you always have work even when you are not getting any new clients.

How to Get Recurring Jobs

Although recurring jobs are great, it requires smart thinking. For example, your promotions must grab the customer's mind. Cleaning business owners will agree that a recurring service such as a 3-month package or a 6-month cleaning contract often leads to customer retention.

In a nutshell, you shouldn't present or view your service as a one-time job. Instead, cleaning job schedules are likely to impress anyone who's looking for a long-term cleaning contract.

Price Raise

We know what you're thinking. How can a price raise attract more customers? Well, if you're targeting top clients, your prices matter. A higher price somewhat indicates better quality too.

However, your prices need to reflect on your services too. When you charge higher, the customer expects you to acquire the latest equipment and way of cleaning. Therefore, raising the price comes at a cost for which you need to prepare accordingly.

Document your Cleaning Job

The secret to reaching new cleaning clients is to engage them in something worthy. So, when you go out, cleaning office buildings or coffee shops, etc., capture the whole cleaning process. By making short video clips, it will help you get direct reach to the customer more effectively.

While making such clips, always take consent from the customer. Often cleaning companies share such videos, which are not just a promotional stunt but also have a calming effect on the viewer. So, they are great for promoting business online.

Personalized Customer Experience

One of the advantages of documenting is that the customer can refer to a particular cleaning process. So, it creates a sense of trust between you and the customers. Moreover, you can also introduce new techniques and equipment through your videos, bringing prospective customers.

Cleaning Alliances

While in the cleaning industry, always look to build new relations and alliances with other services. For instance, if you specialize in residential cleaning, you can partner with a car cleaning company. In this way, you can jointly present bonus offers that will work well for both.

When you partner with a cleaning business, it can open new doors and opportunities, so it's a great way to grow your business. Moreover, it helps build a brand image, which is critical for the survival of your business.

Where to Look for Partners

So, if you are looking for alliances, it's best to develop relations during networking events. For instance, if there are seminar or business exhibitions, you can search for both old and new cleaning businesses which are more likely to work in close collaboration.

Customized Solutions

Nothing feels better than having someone who understands your problem. The same principle applies to cleaning businesses. People want to be heard, so if you can offer a customized solution that suits their needs, they won't have to go to any other places.

For customized solutions, you can start with site visits and inspections. Moreover, you can develop questionnaires to get a better grip of the services your client is expecting. A customized service will always give you the edge over your competitors, so it's a great tactic to get new customers.

Local Business Promotions

One can never underestimate the value of local promotions. Especially if you are a new cleaning business, you must go all out with your promotion tactics. Register yourself in the yellow pages. Even if you don't specialize in home cleaning, always look to provide solutions for it.

It is so because home cleaning is an easier target for a new cleaning business. So, you can start by offering incentives for the local ones. Offer some discounts for every cleaning job in the locality. It will help you find more credibility in the area, which can bring more outside customers.

Research Is Key

When you have highlighted a potential client, you must do your homework before making an offer. For instance, if you target an office, you need to know their nature of work, the office environment, whether they need window cleaning or carpet cleaning, etc. Right service providers will always be a step ahead in terms of research.

When you know your potential client in and out, you will pose better questions to get them to like you. At times, people forget the value of research and are unable to pitch the right offer.

The Value of Good Research

When you research people, you also unlock different requirements that they might have. Hence, in addition to getting new customers, it also helps you innovate and evolve as a business. Such research comes in handy when you plan to set up more business in new places.

Show Flexibility

Most of the time, people would want economic solutions. So, they focus on getting more services for less price. Although you may have fixed pricing, it doesn't harm to show some flexibility to your clients.

If you can match your client's budget, there is a high chance that they will remember you for the next cleaning job. In a way, you get your cleaning rights reserved simply by making a budget-friendly offer for the first time.

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When we talk about cleaning businesses, the competition is pretty tough. So, business owners need to evolve if they want to stay in the game continuously. If you know your service area well enough, it will help you design a much-focused strategy to acquire new cleaning customers.

Whether it's about updating your cleaning procedures or posting the latest developments on your website, you will need determination. To pull off a success story, you will always be competing with other businesses.

Now that you know the tips and tricks, it should be easier to target more customers and keep them dedicated to your company.

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the Complete Cleaning Business Starter Kit

Get our FREE Comprehensive Start-Up guide, complete with a checklist, business card template, pricing calculator and Invoice template.