An 8-Step Guide to Giving an Old House a Clean Look

Do you own an old house that's in desperate need of a makeover? Are you tired of living in a space that feels drab and outdated? Perhaps it looks over-cluttered, disorganized, and dirty. If so, you may need some tips for keeping your home clean and tidy at all times. In this 8-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of transforming your old house into a fresh, modern space.

1. Assess the Condition of Your Home

Inspect both the interior and exterior of your house, seeking signs of wear and tear. Look for cracks or damage in walls, floors, and ceilings. Also, check for peeling paint or loose wallpaper. Examine the windows and doors for drafts and leaks. Also inspect your roof, using a professional if necessary.

Check that all plumbing fixtures are working properly, by running faucets, flushing toilets, and examining pipes for leaks. Test all electrical outlets and switches to ensure they're in good working condition. Ensure your heating and cooling systems are functioning efficiently, before diving into any cosmetic improvements.

2. Freshen Up with a New Coat of Paint

Neutral colors (like crisp whites or soft grays) can create a modern aesthetic, and make the rooms feel larger and more inviting. Don't be afraid to add a pop of color on an accent wall, or in smaller spaces like bathrooms or hallways. When choosing paint finishes, think beyond flat or glossy walls. Experiment with different textures such as satin finishes, for added depth and visual interest. Consider using high-gloss paints for trim, doors, or furniture.

Properly clean and sand the walls before applying primer and paint. This will enable it to apply better and last longer, without peeling or chipping. High-quality brushes and rollers may cost more, but they'll result in smoother application and a more professional finish. Your home may be situated in a city in Queensland, Australia. If you employ painters in south Brisbane, they'll perform comprehensive prep and planning, and use high-quality tools and products. You can access licensed and qualified painters who provide a full insurance guarantee.

3. Declutter

Decluttering involves getting rid of excess items you no longer need or want. You should also organize and arrange what's left, in a visually appealing way. Clutter can contribute to feelings of stress, whilst decluttering can create a sense of calm and tranquility in our homes.

We may not wish to get rid of sentimental items or things we might need someday. Adopting a minimalist mindset can help us make more intentional decisions about what we keep or discard.

4. Maximize Your Storage Potential

Firstly, consider utilizing vacant areas such as the walls or ceiling. Install floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets. They can keep items off the floor and create more surface area for organizing belongings. Additionally, take advantage of vertical space - including tall cabinets that reach up to the ceiling.

Look for ottomans or coffee tables with built-in storage compartments. Also, buy beds with drawers underneath, or bookshelves that can double as room dividers. These pieces can provide extra storage and serve multiple purposes, making them essential in smaller homes.

5. Deep Clean and Restore Surfaces

Over time, surfaces like countertops, floors, and walls can accumulate dirt, grime, and stains. By deep cleaning them, you'll remove years' worth of buildup and revitalize their appearance. It's important to use the right tools and products for each specific material. Marble surfaces require gentle cleaners with a neutral pH level. This can avoid etching or damaging the stone. Ceramic tiles may require strong alkaline-based cleaners to remove stubborn grout stains.

You may also need to address any damage or wear and tear. This could include filling in any cracks or chips on kitchen countertops. It could also mean sanding down wooden floors, before refinishing them with a fresh coat of varnish or stain. This can enhance their aesthetic appeal and also prolong their lifespan.

6. Update Fixtures and Hardware

Swapping out outdated light fixtures can instantly brighten up any room. Also, replacing worn-out doorknobs and drawer pulls can add a touch of sophistication. Some people may opt for sleek, minimalist designs if they have a contemporary space. You may wish to choose vintage-inspired pieces if you want to preserve the charm of your older home. Don't be fearful to mix metals for additional visual interest. Combining brushed nickel with brass accents can create an eclectic yet cohesive look.

You could upgrade faucets with touchless sensors or install smart locks. This could improve the aesthetics and also enhance convenience and security. Be sure to invest in durable materials that'll withstand daily wear and tear for years to come.

7. Add New Furniture

By mixing and matching different styles of furniture, you can create an interesting contrast in your home. Opt for bold statement pieces that instantly grab attention, and become the focal point of the room. Also, consider using furniture with unique textures or patterns. In turn, this can add visual interest and depth.

Strategically place floor lamps or table lamps near your furniture pieces. They can emphasise their design elements during both daytime and nighttime hours, and also create ambiance throughout your home.

8. Provide New Decorative Elements and Accents

By placing artwork or photographs on the walls, you can add visual interest and a touch of personalization. Statement pieces (e.g. decorative mirrors or vintage clocks) can serve as focal points and elevate the room's aesthetic appeal. If you add colorful throw pillows to sofas and chairs, they can supply an extra pop of color and texture. 

If you invest in stylish lampshades or light fixtures, they can complement your existing decor and add a touch of modern elegance. A patterned or textured rug can instantly transform a room, tying together all the other design elements within it.

As you can see, giving an old house a clean look is possible for everyone. By following these 8 simple steps, you can transform your home into a fresh and inviting space. With a little time and effort, your old house can regain its original beauty and charm. You may even be able to upgrade and enhance it!

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