Windows Cleaning Tips to Follow for a Beautiful-Looking Glass

If you are a homeowner, you are familiar with the windows in your home, but are you cleaning them as well as you could be? To be sure that you are getting every nook and cranny and you are using the windows in your home to their full potential, check out the tips below for cleaning and maintaining your home’s windows. 

Regularly Check On Your Windows

Because we drift through our homes day in and day out, we tend to forget to check in on areas that should be cleaned more regularly than they are. Windows will usually fall into this category as some people do not notice that they need a wash until they can see water stains or that they can’t see through the windows as well anymore. 

Just like any other chores, you should have cleaning the windows on your list every few weeks or once per month. This means that you have a scheduled time to dust, spray, squeegee, and wipe down each window. You can also choose different rooms in the house to focus on if doing all of the windows in one day is too big of a task. As long as you are regularly checking your windows for spots or dust, then you will help to maintain them for many years to come. 

Replace Your Old Windows

No matter how much you scrub and dust, sometimes you cannot make old windows shine like they used to. If you are coming to this realization then it might be time to swap out your old, tired windows for new ones. There are so many different kinds of windows these days that not only look great but can help you with things like energy bills and preventing natural damage to your home. 

The best windows on the market today have sturdy frames and thick or double-paned glass. If you are worried about finding windows that will fit your home’s unique frame, you can opt for Custom UPVC Windows. UPVC is a strong and durable material, making it an ideal choice for window frames. Unlike wood, it is not susceptible to rotting, warping, or fading. This means that your windows will last for years without the need for constant maintenance or replacement. They are also resistant to extreme weather conditions, making them a great option for homes in areas prone to hurricanes, heavy rain, or extreme temperatures.

Newer windows are also equipped with Low-E glass, meaning that the window has a glass coating that blocks out high levels of ultraviolet and infrared light. This means that you will have less sun exposure on the inside of your home, protecting you and your family from sun damage as well as keeping your floors and furniture from fading. When cleaning UPVC windows, make sure that you are using a cleaner that does not have chemicals that will damage this protective barrier.   

Always Dust First

Many people make the mistake of just immediately spraying down their windows before dusting them first. This will inevitably end in a messy cleaning job with wet dirt spreading across the glass and gathering up in the corners, making it harder to get a completely clean look. Before adding any kind of moisture to the situation, take a duster or a small brush and dust around the edges and corners of the glass as well as across the whole surface of the glass. That way, you will be preventing any scratching from the debris and the window will end up looking shinier and will stay clean longer.

Wipe Down All Surrounding Areas

Some people think that just cleaning the glass of a window is sufficient, but then they realize that dust and grime have built up around the window frames and sills. These are areas where bugs like to congregate and where general dust and debris can build up. Before spraying and wiping down the glass part of your windows, use a small brush to reach the small corners and scrub off any spills or other substances. You can also use a handheld vacuum to suck up all of the dead bugs and other debris that builds up on your window sills. From there, you can clean the glass and stand back to see what a difference it makes to clean every component of the window. 

Clean the Outsides Too

If you notice that no matter how much you clean your windows, they continue to look grimy, you are probably neglecting the outside half of the windows. Dirt and grime build up a lot faster on the side that is exposed to the elements, which means that you may have to clean them more often than the inside. In the summer months, this can be done with a power washer or with the same methods you use to clean the inside. An additional step you can take to keep your outside windows looking clean is to add a rain repellant. This will prevent water stains and prevent you from having to go out and squeegee each window every time it rains.

One worry people have about cleaning the outside of their windows is the danger of climbing a ladder to clean the ones on the upper floors. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, then hire a window cleaning company that can come once a month to clean all of your window exteriors so that you do not have to worry about it. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Cleaning your windows in the peak of the day when the sun is beating down right on the windows can cause issues depending on the cleaner you are using. The most common problem with this is that the heat of the sun will cause the cleaner to dry too quickly and leave streaks on the windows. This means you will have to go back and clean them again to get rid of the streaks. A best practice is to clean windows early in the morning or in the evenings when there is still some sunlight, but it is not too hot. 

Keeping your windows clean is something you will have to do for the rest of your life, so you must develop good techniques and stick to them. As long as you stay consistent and don’t forget the tips from above, you are sure to have the best windows in the neighborhood.

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