How to Become a Cleaner: Salary Expectations, Skills, and Qualifications

The pandemic outbreak soared the demand for cleaning services, and we haven't seen a slowdown.

Investing in efficient cleaning services gives residential and commercial property owners peace of mind. For homeowners, it means a cleaner, safer environment for their loved ones; for business owners, a healthy space for customers.

If you're looking for a stable career as a cleaner and are punctual, there hasn't been a better time to break into the field. This guide highlights ways to become a cleaner and shares helpful tips to secure a suitable cleaning job.

How to Become a Cleaner Expected Salary & Qualifications

How to Become a Cleaner 101

No career is challenging if you're enthusiastic and determined about the role. The same goes for becoming a cleaner.

It is, however, crucial to understand what the role entails to boost your candidacy for available cleaning positions.

Whether you want to become a commercial or domestic cleaner, here's a guide to help you through your journey.

Determine Your Requirements

You must determine your preferences before anything else. For instance, since most domestic cleaners work part-time, calculate the number of work hours to see what you'll make weekly or monthly to sustain your lifestyle.

Also, consider whether you'll provide a few or all of your cleaning supplies when starting the job.

Knowing your precise needs will help you move forward in the right direction.

Complete Basic Education

Although the position of a cleaner doesn't require formal education, it's good to complete your basic or ten years of education.

Compulsory education helps you on your road to getting Vocational education and training (VET) qualifications.

Once you complete your education, you can gain some experience by offering cleaning services to your neighbour or a friend.

Get a Relevant Qualification

Obtaining a relevant qualification boosts chances of landing a reliable cleaning job that pays well.

You can get Certificates I and II in asset maintenance and Certificate III in cleaning operations.

The former two educate you about basic cleaning activities and offer endless learning opportunities. The latter equips you with the knowledge to become a qualified cleaner and pursue more advanced skills.

Complete National Police Check

National Police check ensures you do not have a criminal history. Your employer would likely ask you for this document when hiring you. It is a requirement for domestic cleaners since many homeowners trust cleaners with a home key and do not mind leaving their places unattended.

The Australian Federal Police now offers digital police checks via email. You can get a hard copy of it if you want.

Visit the National Police Check page on the Australian Federal for further information.

Get a Valid Driver's Licence

Your employer expects you to have a driver's licence since many jobs require you to reach the site yourself. Although it is possible to schedule the time via public transport, especially if you live in urban cities, having your own transport offers a more reliable means of transportation.

Also, a cleaning job may require a driver's licence. Therefore, it's always good to have one in case - you might miss out on an excellent job opportunity otherwise.

Search for Positions that Match Your Skillset

Once you're ready to apply for cleaning jobs, visit popular job search sites to find a suitable position.

Filter the results by salary, job type, location, and education. This will help you ease your search.

Also, consider using different search terms to maximise your chance of finding an ideal position. For instance, when searching for a house cleaning position, try other words like:

  • Domestic cleaner
  • Residential property cleaner
  • Home Cleaner
  • House cleaner

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Tips to Become a Successful Cleaner

Becoming successful in your career is challenging, and you're bound to encounter stumbling blocks as you move forward. However, knowing how to overcome them or steer clear of them helps smoothen your journey.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as a cleaner.

  • Make sure you build your network online and offline. You need your name to get new clients, and word of mouth certainly helps attract them.
  • Set competitive pricing. However, do not undersell your skills, and Australians are willing to pay higher for quality work. So, staying competitive with pricing will be in your best interests.
  • Building a professional website is one of the best ways to demonstrate professionalism and knowledge. People are more likely to trust your services than someone without a website.
  • While getting frequent contracts helps, repeat clients are your primary income source. So, ensure to go after regular jobs to build a reputation and spread positive worth of mouth.
  • Showing up to a job unprepared is not a good idea, and you may lose your chance to earn recommendations. You need a few cleaning supplies to demonstrate professionalism. Standard supplies include a window cleaner, vacuum cleaners, and all-natural house cleaners. If you're starting with a company, they'll likely have their own industrial vacuum cleaners and professional window and home cleaners.

Common Responsibilities of Domestic Cleaners

Although the responsibilities vary per job type and client, the typical duties remain the same. Here are a few things you could be asked to do as a cleaner.

  • Collecting rubbish and recyclable material
  • Brushing and vacuuming cloth-based surfaces - think sofas, curtains, and carpets.
  • Sweeping and cleaning hard surfaces like floors and countertops
  • Decluttering rooms
  • Mopping tile and hardwood floors
  • Dusting home furniture
  • Cleaning glass surfaces
  • Washing and arranging kitchen utensils
  • Cleaning pet litter boxes
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens

Average Salary of Cleaners In Australia

The average base salary of cleaners in Australia is around $58,121. However, this varies depending on location, skills, organisation, and experience.

For instance, someone living in Sydney, Australia, would have more salary than someone in Canberra. That's primarily because the cost of living in Sydney is more than in Canberra.

Likewise, your skills and experience also determine your average base salary. For instance, someone with more years of experience and advanced skills is likely to land a high-paying job.

Also, a larger firm will likely pay higher than a startup company. Make sure you consider these factors to have realistic salary expectations.

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The rise in demand for cleaning services has encouraged many to consider a career in this field. People either want to start their own business or work with a company.

You can offer your services for residential and commercial properties, including schools, homes, offices, hospitals, construction sites, and more.

The key, however, is to be clear about your goals and fulfil basic job requirements to land a suitable role. Besides, building a professional website always serves as a cherry on top, and it'll help attract prospects and build a reputation in the industry.

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the Complete Cleaning Business Starter Kit

Get our FREE Comprehensive Start-Up guide, complete with a checklist, business card template, pricing calculator and Invoice template.