9 Tips on How to Clean Baseboards Easy?

How to Clean Baseboards

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your baseboards? Perhaps it was a long time ago. Why is it crucial to clean your baseboards?

Not all are aware, but cleaning your baseboards every now and then is as entertaining as washing your laundry. Cleaning your home during your days off is never pleasurable. Imagine the many fun activities you could be doing, such as purchasing unnecessary stuff on eBay or binge-watching on Netflix? There has to be a simpler and best way to clean baseboards.. Lucky for you there is and we have put together a Little guide on how to Clean your Baseboards

Dirty and ugly baseboards are an ugly visual inside your home. No one wants to look down and see dirty disgusting baseboards

Say Good-bye to Dirty and Ugly Baseboards

No matter if you wash, clean, iron or vacuum the dishes, those dirty and ugly dashboards will still appear every time you walk through the door. Why is it vital to clean them? Unluckily, the sight of untidy baseboards could be an indication of dishevelment to your visitors. It is not the great impression you wish your visitors to see while they are visiting your home.

Below are tips on how to clean baseboards in an easy and effective way.

1. Dust the baseboards
You need to sweep up and dust around the location. Did you know that dusting and sweeping your baseboard before you clean it would make sure no dirt or dust sticks to them?

Dirty Baseboards
2. Vacuum the surrounding place

Another easy way to clean baseboards is by vacuuming the place. Ensure that the dust does not find its way back to the baseboard. Just go over the region you dusted. There’s don’t need to do it too much.

3. Get warm soapy water

Combine a solution of a dish soap and a warm water. In case your baseboard has a paint over, you need to employ a wood cleaner to restore it.

4. Wash the baseboards

The fourth step in how to clean white baseboards is by dipping a clean cloth in your solution. Ensure you do not soak your cloth too much. Leaving too much moisture on it will only cause watermarks and soap scum. Which is something you will want to avoid if you want clean Baseboards

5. Let it dry
Alot of people would leave them dry by themselves. However, you must not leave it to dry to avoid streaks. Get a towel, which doesn’t lose hairs and dry off the baseboards.

6. Don’t forget the corners
Do you notice that small black lines in your baseboards? To remove it, utilize a cotton swab dipped in a warm soapy water. Slowly wipe them.

7. Vacuum the debris from the corner
Another step in the easiest way to clean walls and baseboards is by vacuuming the debris from the corner.

Vacuuming Baseboards

8. Wipe down the corners

Make sure that you clean the corners totally. Grab a towel and wipe the remaining dirt from the corners.

9. Dry the corners
Dry it off with a towel after you clean the corners.


Viola! You are fully aware of how to clean baseboards. You see, the best way to clean baseboards is really simple. We hope we provided you with the best steps in the easiest way to clean baseboards. We wish you good luck!