How to Clean Ceramic Floors

How to Clean Ceramic Floors

Ceramic Floor Cleaning

Ceramic is a common flooring choice, as it is a tough material. It has great resistance to stains and wear and tear. Generally composed of water, sand, and clay, ceramic surfaces are known for their hardness and density. However, ceramic surfaces often get damaged and become dull, if they are not taken care of. Thus, it is essential you know how to clean ceramic floors or how to clean ceramic showers.

Here are some reasons why ceramic floors get dirty and need cleaning.

  • In case the spills are left unattended for a long duration, tiles tend to get stained and often discolored.
  • If there are grime and dirt accumulation, it can damage the surface. The dirt can get into the grout and it needs cleaning.
  • If too much ammonia or bleach is used on the various tile surfaces, it can cause the stain to the grout.
  • If the floor is scrubbed too hard with abrasive cleaning products, it can lead to scratching of tiles. They tend to lose their shine and become dull.

Ceramic Floor CleaningCeramic floor is quite popular because it requires low maintenance and it is also resistant to dirt. But, with time, it can get a bit hazy. If it looks hazy, it will look dull and your interiors might not look as you desire. You have to think about ways to clean it and get back its normal look. You can get the shine of your ceramic floor, with just a few ingredients and supplies. The best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on it.

So, here are some easy ways on how to clean ceramic floors.

Whether you are thinking about how to clean ceramic tile shower or how to clean ceramic tile walls or floor, all you need a few basic ingredients which includes dustpan, vacuum, broom, map, water, some baking soda, mild dish soap, water, lemon juice, vinegar, and microfiber towel as well.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors with Vinegar?

To clean a ceramic floor with vinegar, you need to first sweep or vacuum the floor. This will help in removing dirt particles and dust. You can then fill one bucket with warm water. Add at least one-fourth cup of white vinegar in this. You can also add some dish soap and prepare an effective cleaning solution. You can use this solution to clean the ceramic floor.

How to Clean Textured Ceramic Tile Floors? 

Textured ceramic tile floors look good, but they need a little bit of maintenance. You can use some basic things to clean the floor. Try to use  a dustpan, or a vacuum or a broom to clear all debris and dirt from the floor. You need to add some mild detergent or a little bit of dish soap in the solution. You can dip your mop in this water and then use it for mopping the floor. Remember, when you are cleaning the textured ceramic tile floors, you shouldn’t get it too much wet. You just need to have it wet enough to remove the dirt.

How To Clean Ceramic Tile Floor and Grout?

Your ceramic tiles might be quite shiny and sleek, but they may get dirty with the presence of moldy grout. If the surface isn’t cleaned on time, it will look quite unkempt and grimy. You need to ensure that the grout is fresh and clean, though it is quite challenging.

Grout is often used for locking the tiles tightly. You need to keep the water out and give a finished look to the tiled surface. But this is a porous substance and it often absorbs a lot of grease, dust, and dirt. It collects a lot of microorganisms and bacteria. Thus, grout can stain, it can soil a lot and it encourages plenty of mold growth as well.

When the grout is sealed, it helps in keeping it protected from discoloration and also staining. It is noticed that even after cleaning it well, tile floors which have dirty grout still look quite messy and need to be cleaned well. The good news is that you can quickly clean grout with the help of a few household products, which can help your tiles look good and brand new.

So, how to clean ceramic tile easily with ingredients that are easily available at home?

You can prepare a paste using water and baking soda, which is quite effective in cleaning ceramic tile floor and grout. For this purpose, you need to mix three parts of baking soda and one part of water. You need to prepare a thick paste. This is quite a versatile cleaner and it works quite well with different colors of grout. But remember that vinegar can be a bit harmful to a few natural stones which include limestone and marble.

When using this cleaner, you need to apply the paste to the grout lines using your finger. You should ideally wear rubber gloves. This shall help in preventing scratches and will also prevent skin irritation caused due to baking soda and grout. You can also use a brush to clean the grout lines. Using a brush will help you in pulling out dirt and dust accumulated deep down the lines. So, if you are facing the problem of how to clean ceramic floor grout, these easy ways of having it sparkle once again are recommended.

Quick Tips After You Have Cleaned the Grout

Once you are assured that the grout is clean, you need to spray down a bit of vinegar and a water solution on this. It will help in preventing stains from settling down. Besides, this, make it a habit to clean the tiles, floor or shower regularly. Cleaning them regularly will prevent too much settlement of debris and dirt, which can be tough to clean.

Though it is easy and simple to clean ceramic tiles, floors, shower or walls, you can seek professional help once in a while. It will help in increasing their durability and offer a completely new look.