How To Clean Granite

How To Clean Granite

Popular all over the world, granite is best known for its durability and amazing looks. It is often used as countertops, as floors, sink and backsplashes. However, to ensure that granite looks good, its hygienic and maintaining its sparkle, you need to take good care of it. Here is how to clean granite when used in different purposes.

You can employ any of these easy methods for cleaning granite, with the help of natural products. It will ensure that the surface is clean and is able to retain its natural beauty.

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Cleaning Granite Sinks

If you have a granite sink at home, you need to clean it daily. No, do not worry, as cleaning granite sinks is not tough nor is it time-consuming. So, here is how to clean granite sink in easy steps. You can clean a granite soak daily with the help of soapy water. You can also use a soft nylon brush and sponge for the purpose. You can rinse the sink and allow it to dry. This will ensure that there are no water spots or mineral deposits. But remember, learning how to clean a granite sink doesn’t mean you will clean it only when you find it dirty. You need to clean it to ensure it is hygienic.

Granite Countertop – How To Keep it Clean

If you have a granite countertop, you need to know the right way of cleaning it, so that it remains in good condition for a long-time. So, here is how to clean granite countertop or how to clean granite counters at home.

You will start by wetting a wash cloth with soapy warm water. You can use this soaked wash cloth to wipe the granite countertops. There is no special procedure for this. You can just simply wipe any spills you come across on the countertop. Once you have wiped clean the kitchen countertop, you can dry and buff the granite countertop with the help of a microfiber cloth. You can also use a soft terry cloth towel if you wish to avoid streaking.

Cleaning Granite Composite Sinks

A common question which we often come across is how to clean granite composite sink or how to clean a blanco composite granite sink, so here are some steps. You need to clean the granite composite sink on a daily basis. The easiest way is to use a soft nylon brush, soapy water and sponge for the purpose. You need to rinse the sink first and then dry it well. You can remove all stains with the help of household products.

You can prepare a cleaning solution with the help of vinegar and water. You can also prepare a paste using a little baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the stains and rinse the sink. You can then wipe it away.

Cleaning Granite Floors

Granite floors look royal and classy. They are an excellent investment which add to the luxurious look of your property. Granite is quite strong, it is resistant to heat and can withstand wear and tear. Homeowners are often worried about how to clean granite floors on a daily basis, so that dirt and dust do not accumulate on the tiles.

Whether you want to know how to clean a granite composite sink or how to clean granite countertops with natural products, you need to remember that you should never use abrasive cleaners on any granite surface.

Cleaning Stains from Granite

If you need to know how to clean stained granite, you should remember that whenever you notice that there is a stain, you need to clean it immediately. You can use any soft cloth or a paper towel to wipe out any material which is causing the stain. If you find that the stain is still there, you can prepare a paste with water and baking soda. Mix both the ingredients well and you can apply it on the stain. Allow the paste to remain on the surface overnight. You can then clean it well and you will notice that the stain has vanished.

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Use Warm Water

If you wish to clean any granite surface, you can use warm water and a soft cloth, without any worry. You can also use a little bit of soap mixed with water for the purpose. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the surface. You can use distilled water for cleaning which will ensure that there is no mixture of minerals or chlorine which can cause damage to the surface.

Cleaning Granite Headstone

If you need to know how to clean a granite headstone, you will be glad to know that you can use some products that are easily available at home. Start by filling one spray bottle with water. You will need another spray bottle which can be filled with soapy water. This soapy water can be easily used to remove dirt or grime from granite. You can spray this neural soapy water directly. If you need to scrub off dirt or grime, you can use an old toothbrush for the purpose.

Removing Lichen from Granite Tombstone

Last, but not the least, knowing how to clean lichen off granite tombstones is also essential so that you know what to do when you find lichen. To remove lichen you can use distilled water. You will need sponges and cloth which will help in removing dirt and lichen. You can also use your old t-shirt and towels for the purpose. You can also use scrubbing pads and soft brushes to remove lichen and dirt from the tombstone.

You can soft rub or wipe the tombstone using the wet cloth. Gently wipe away lichen which you can see. Do not use a lot of pressure or harsh chemicals which can damage or scratch the surface. You need to rub off lichen easily.

Remember to ensure that granite surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis. Your countertops, sinks or floor will be in great condition for a long-time. You can also get in touch with professionals for professional cleaning services.