How to Clean Shower Head – Easy Tips

How to Clean Shower Head – Easy Tips

Showerhead – one of the most used parts of the shower! We usually do not realize its importance or plan for its regular cleaning, until it stops functioning. So, here we are with how to clean shower head?

Well – learning how to clean a shower head is no longer an optional part of housekeeping. We all use showers, so why not know how to clean the shower head without removing it?

How To clean shower headIt doesn’t always require an elaborate cleaning process or doesn’t necessarily encompass professional work; it might involve the use of a few easily available ingredients and a quick wipe down. But, knowing how to clean a clogged shower head is quite vital for its durability and uninterrupted functioning.

Now, think about the last time, when you washed the very useful showerhead or even wiped it!

The good part is that you do not require any formal training or expertise or learn formally how to clean clogged shower head. The entire process is quite simple and involves just a few steps (considering the showerhead isn’t extremely dirty and requires professional intervention).

Before you start your showerhead cleaning process, you need a few answers:

  • How old is the showerhead? Is it in use since the time your house is built?
  • Was it ever replaced or repaired?
  • How many times in a day is it used?
  • Have you faced any kind of problem?
  • Why have you thought about cleaning it?

There are many easy home remedies or methods which you can try out at home to clean the shower head. You should ideally know how to clean a shower head with bleach or vinegar or baking soda or how to clean a showerhead with limestone, because it involves some easy processes, with amazing results.

Need to Clean the Showerhead – How To Clean My Clogged Shower head

We do not need to touch the showerhead when bathing, so it doesn’t require gross cleaning. However, it gets clogged due to build-up from years. It can get bacteria inhabitants and mildewed as well. It is known that unclean or clogged showerheads can lead to strains of bacteria thriving in them, which can also lead to various infections.

If you are staying in a place where the water has high quantity of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, you will have to clean the showerheads more frequently. It is easy to know how to clean hard water from shower head which can lead to its clogging and damage later on. If the shower head is not cleaned on a regular basis, you might even have to think about its replacement, time and again.

So, how to clean shower head holes and get back the cleanest shower. Here are the easy steps helping you to learn how to clean your shower head with vinegar.

Using a Plastic Bag:

You need to start by filling a plastic bag with white vinegar. You should be careful so that you do not fill this bag excessively. If you fill excess of white vinegar, it might overflow as you submerge the showerhead.

Placing the Bag:

You need to place this bag just over the showerhead. The fixture should be totally immersed in vinegar. In case you feel a need to adjust the level of vinegar, you can do it.

Fastening Properly

You will have to fasten this bag. You can use a string or even twist ties to wrap around the showerhead. Wait patiently and check if the bag can make it and stay firmly. It shouldn’t be slipping away if you let the grip go.

Soaking Properly

You should allow the showerhead to remain soaked for hours. In case it is extremely dirty, you can even leave it overnight. In case the showerhead is made from gold, nickel or it is brass coated, you should remove it from vinegar after just 30 minutes. If you keep it any longer, it can completely damage the finish.

Finishing the Process

Once done, you can slowly untie this bag and remove it. You need to tip this bag and allow the vinegar to slowly run down. You can also run hot water for a minute to ensure that any kind of mineral deposits which are stuck inside are washed out.

How to Clean your Shower Head Without Vinegar

You can also scrub this fixture properly using an old toothbrush. Brushing with a toothbrush ensures that all build-up remains are removed. You need to focus on some specific areas, which includes the holes. Holes are crucial because the water mainly flows through such holes. You can again turn the hot water to get rid of further residue. Keep repeating the process, so that you do not have more mineral deposits.

To get the amazing finished and clean look, you need to wash the showerhead using a soft cloth. Do not forget to remove excess moisture or water so that the shower looks new.

Besides this you can learn how to clean a shower head with vinegar and baking soda as well. To clean it like this, you will need two cups of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. You will also need a container which is large enough so that the showerhead can be immersed in it.

How To Clean a Shower Head with Baking Soda?

You will start by pouring at least three cups of white vinegar in a container. The container needs to be big enough to be able to submerge the shower head. You can then add the baking soda into the bowl. Notice that the vinegar solution will start bubbling. You will then place the shower head in this vinegar bath. Let it soak for one hour at least. If the showerhead is clogged a lot, you can leave it soaked for 10-12 hours. You can then rinse this shower head using warm water.

You need to ensure that all additional vinegar is rinsed off. Now you can clean it using a soft cloth. Then reconnect the showerhead and check the flow of water. If the shower head was clogged, you will see the difference in a short time. It might take a few minutes to get rid of all the vinegar which might be in the shower head, but you will soon have a steady flow of water.

Ensure that the showerhead is clean and well maintained so that you can have an uninterrupted flow of water whenever you feel the need.