How to Get Gum Out of Fabric?

How to Get Gum Out of Fabric?

Whenever we find the annoying sticky gum on fabric, the first question which comes in our mind is ‘How did it get there?’. The next concern is how to get gum out of fabric?

Well, most often you will never get the answer to the question of how the gum got there. However, you definitely need to know how to get chewing gum of fabric? There are many different ways and tips of removing gum out of fabric. However, to take good care of the fabric, you shouldn’t use any chemical substances which can damage, fade or stain the fabric. So, here are some easy ways of getting gum out of your clothes.

Ice Cubes, Ice, Cold, Frozen, Refreshment, CubeRemoving Gum with More Gum

This is an interesting way to remove gum from fabric. You can use another piece of chewed gum. You can also use a piece of duct tape which will help in pulling the gum off. You can apply the chewed gum or any tape. You can directly stick the tape on the gum. Just be a little careful so that you do not add some of such extra sticky substance to the other fabric areas. This is the easiest way to remove gum which remains stuck on a fabric.

Using Ice to Remove Gum

If you are wondering, how to get gum out of fabric couch or another material, you can use ice for the purpose. You can easily set ice cubes just on top of the gum. Let the ice remain on the gum for more than 20 minutes.  If you do not have ice cubes, you can use a freezer pack as well for the purpose. All you need to do is place the pack on top of the fabric. You will notice that the gum will freeze and it will quickly harden the gum. Once the gum hardens, you can pop it and also scrape it off. For scraping purpose, you can use a paint scraper and a dull knife as well. You can also use a dry-cleaning solvent, which is suitable for fabric fibers.

Freezing Gum Off

This is another good technique for those who are looking forward to ways or how to get gum out of upholstery fabric. You can let the freezer work for you in such a situation. You can throw the garment which has the gum sticking on to it, into the freezer. Let the garment remain in the freezer for one hour more. You will find that the gum is hardening. As the gum hardens completely, you can quickly scrape it off.

Using an Iron

Yes, an iron can help in removing gum from clothing. You can start by turning the garment with its gum side down. You will press the medium heated iron on the garment, just on the backside of the garment. You shouldn’t be moving the iron too much. If you move the iron a lot, it will eventually spread the mess caused due to the gummy. You will notice that the heat from the iron will melt the gum. It will get removed eventually.

Micro-Fiber Cloth, Clean, Cleaning Rags, Make CleanUsing Steam to Remove Gum

You can easily remove gum from any surface with the help of steam. Many people often have a query about how to get gum out of fabric car seat – well, using steam is a good way of removing gum from the seat of a car. You need to hold a steaming teakettle just on the surface of the seat, where the gum is sticking. The steam will help in softening the gum. As the gum softens, it is easier to remove it. Gum can be easily removed with the help of a tooth-brush or any scraper. If a garment has a stubborn gum sticking, you can place the garment in a bowl that is filled with boiling water. You will notice that the gum is softening well. Once the gum is soft, it can be removed easily.

Use Vinegar for Removing Gum

What if you notice gum on the chair fabric? Here is how to get gum out of chair fabric in some easy ways. You can start by pouring vinegar on the gum. But, before you start, you need to pour some white vinegar in a microwave safe container. Heat this in the microwave for two minutes. You can dip a toothbrush into this liquid. Next, you will rub the toothbrush gently on the gum. The acid from the vinegar will help in softening the gum. As the gum softens, it can be easily removed.

If you need to know about another interesting way, you can try the volcano way. You need to pour vinegar on the gum. Next sprinkle a bit of baking soda. You will notice a fizzy foam, which will help in getting rid of the gum stains.

How Peanut Can Help

Peanut butter is not just good to eat, but it is helpful in removing gum as well. You need to spread a good amount of peanut butter on the gum. Allow the peanut butter to sit on the gum for at least 60 seconds. You can then scrape off the gum using a dull knife. You can use a credit card or hard cardboard for removing the gum.

Using Detergent Can Help in Removing Gum

This is another easy way of removing gum from fabric. You can apply dish soap directly on the gum which is sticking on the surface. Wait for a few minutes. The liquid laundry or the usual dish soap can help in breaking the fiber of the gum. You can easily scrape away the gum from the fabric.

Removing Gum with Alcohol

Alcohol is also quite effective in removing gum from alcohol. All you need to do is apply or rub alcohol on the gum. The alcohol needs to soak the gum and then dry it. You can then use a duct tape to remove the gum.

So, next time you notice gum on any fabric, you do not have to worry about how to remove the gum! Isn’t it?