How To Get Ink Out Of Fabric?

How To Get Ink Out Of Fabric?

Ink stains on fabric – it is not something unusual or uncommon! You might just graze your sleeve as you jot down a message. The pen in your pocket might just leak or you pen-obsessed toddler might just have a good time when you were away. Whatever the reason might be, your first task is always to find the right way to remove the stain or know how to get ink out of fabric. So, here are some easy and effective ways of how to get pen ink out of fabric:

Ink, Blue, Splat, Paint, Stain, Spot, Texture, ShapeTreating It Immediately

The first step to remove the ink stain out of fabric is not to waste time and treat the stain immediately. Suppose you have noticed that your couch has ink stains or your lovely new cotton fabric has ink all over – how do you get rid of it? You need to act immediately and not wait for many hours. If you are looking for ways how to get ink out of fabric couch or how to get ink out of cotton fabric, you need to start its removal process, before the ink settles on the material completely.

Remember, if the ink settles on the fabric, it will be much difficult to remove it. The stain gets deep and it doesn’t fade away quickly.

Let The Stain Remain Wet

When you are in an awkward place or if the stain is on a material which can be dry cleaned only, all that you can do is let the stain remain wet. When the stain dries up, it is a lot difficult to remove it. So, how do you ensure that the stain is wet. All you can do is drop a few drops of water. This might smudge it and spread the ink, but it can prevent it from drying and will help you to remove it in the longtime.

Ball Point Ink on Fabric

Most people search for ways or how to get ballpoint ink out of fabric, because ink from such a pen usually stains uniform and fabric. Alcohol is quite effective in removing the stain. But, before you use alcohol, you need to test rub the alcohol on a specific spot which will ensure that it does not cause any damage to the fabric. You can then place this area face-down over a glass or jar. The fabric needs to be held in a way so that the spot does not spread. You will need to rub alcohol through such a stain. The alcohol is quite effective and is helpful in pulling the ink as it starts dropping in the jar. You need to rinse well. Line dry. You will notice that the stain is removed before you wash the cloth.

Getting Rid of Coloured Ink from Fabric

You might be looking for how to get red ink out of fabric or how to get ink out of white fabric, you need to be careful that you do not use harsh chemicals. You can lightly use some hair spray which will loosen the stain. Once the stain loosens, you can soak it for half an hour in a cleaning solution. To prepare this effective cleaning solution, you will need one quart warm water. To this warm water add half a teaspoon of dish-washing detergent. You can also add one tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix it well.’

You need to rinse the fabric in this solution and let it dry. In case you find that the stain is persistent, you can press it with an absorbent cloth. This absorbent cloth needs to be well moistened with alcohol. You need to change the cloth as you find the stain is slowly getting lifted. Once the stain is removed, you can dab it with water. You can use a dry cloth to clean it well.

Removing Ink Stain from Silk Fabric

How do you remove ink stains from silk? If you notice blotches of ink on silk, you need to blot the stain using paper towels, as soon as you can. You can blot this ink with some cold water. You will notice that the stain is getting removed. If you notice that the stain is still there, you can spray with hairspray. You can blot. Repeat the process until you notice that the stain lifts. You can blot the stain with warm water. You can dip it using a soft-brush. For this, you can prepare a solution with equal quantities vinegar and water. You need to gently scrub the stain. Next, dab it with cold water and let it dry.

Getting Rid of Ink Stains from Velvet

How to get ink out of upholstery fabric, especially when one which is made from velvet. Velvet is one of those materials which needs good care. First and foremost, you need to thoroughly go through the manufacturer’s instructions related to cleaning process. If you wish to treat a ballpoint pen on a washable velvet, you need to soak the fabric in a solution for at least 30 minutes. You can prepare the cleaning solution with 1 quart warm water, one tablespoon white vinegar and clear dish soap. You can then rinse using water. Next, wash it as it is mentioned on the label of the garment. Ensure that you air-dry it. Inspect it to ensure that the stain gets removed before you choose to dry it.

Use Stain Removers

There are a number of stain removers available which are helpful in removing different kinds of stains. You need to apply this stain remover on the pen stain. There are many stain removers which are available in a spray bottle. You can easily spray it on the fabric. In case you are using one stain-removing pen, you can draw with the pain on the surface of the pen. You need to keep drawing until you notice that the total stain is covered.

There are many more effective ways of removing ink stains from fabric or any kind of upholstery. But remember that you are not using any chemical which will damage your fabric.