How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Candlelight offers an intimate and warm ambiance, but what if the wax accidentally ruins your plush, new expensive carpet. It is important to know how to get candle wax out of carpet at home and quickly, so that you do not have to worry about causing damage to your expensive carpet. So, here are some ways of how to get wax out of carpet.

Hope you find these helpful when you are in immediate need of removing candle wax, hot wax, dried wax or even coloured wax from the carpet.

carpet cleaningGet Started

To get started you need to first start by gathering a variety of material which you will need. You will need an ice pack, a butter knife, carpet cleaner, a paper towel, and an iron. In case you do not have an iron, you can also use a hair dryer for the purpose, which is equally effective. If you have children at home and you notice that there are colored wax stains on the carpet, then the process mentioned below can be of great help as well. So, here is how to get colored wax out of carpet quickly and without much hassles..

Freezing the Wax

You will start the process by freezing the wax. You will place one plastic bag which is full of ice cubes on the wax. If you wish, you can also wrap a cloth around the ice bag so that the wax doesn’t become wet. The main purpose of the process is to ensure that the wax gets cold. Once it is cold, it will quickly solidify and then it is lifted up from fibers of the carpet.

Scraping the Wax

Next, you will quickly scrape the wax. As the wax stain freezes, you can use your knife to quickly scrape the wax. You can also remove the wax with the help of a knife. This is the quickest and easiest way of removing wax. If you are thinking about how to get melted wax out carpet, then scraping can be the right process.

Ironing The Stain

In this step, you will carefully place one paper towel or a paper bag on the wax stain. You can then take the iron and turn it into a low temperature. In case the iron becomes too hot, the fibers in the carpet might melt or burn. You need to ensure that the temperature is quite low. You shouldn’t use the steam setting for the purpose. Now, you need to slowly rub the iron on the bag or the towel. You will notice that the wax is getting absorbed quite like magic. You can keep changing the position of the iron, until you notice that all wax is getting is absorbed.

Cleaning the Carpet

Now, we all know how important it is to ensure good cleaning of the carpet. If you notice little bits of wax or even dye stains on the carpet, you can use any kind of commercial cleaning solution. You can follow all other carpet cleaning methods as well for cleaning the carpet. So, if the wax has dried and you are thinking about how to get dried wax out of carpet, you can follow other normal carpet cleaning procedures as well and it will be a lot effective.

Vacuuming The Carpet

As the carpet dries, you can restore the carpet texture by quickly vacuuming it. You can use an upholstery brush attachment for the purpose. You will be glad to know that your carpet looks completely new, as the stain never happened.

Removing an Old Coat of WaxCleaning, Clean Up, The Order Of The

This is an easy way to know how to get wax out of carpet without heat, in case you are reluctant to use any heat on the carpet. For this purpose, you can use vinegar, which is equally effective in removing wax. Vinegar is used by many people to remove candle stains. It helps in stripping the wax off from the carpet.

However, one disadvantage of using vinegar is that it might make your carpet look dull and reduce its shine. However, vinegar is considered to be a smart option, if you are looking forward to remove an old coating wax. The acidic nature of vinegar helps in stripping off the candle wax but it can damage the sheens as well. Thus, whenever you are using vinegar for removing wax you need to be extra careful.

Can you remove carpet wax without an iron?

In case you do not have an iron, how do you get wax out of carpet without iron? You can easily use a hair dryer for the purpose. A hair dryer will help in blowing warm air into the wax stain. This will help in removing in solidifying the wax and you can remove it later on.

An Easy Clever Trick

This is one more clever use of your useful iron when you are trying to remove wax from the carpet. In case you or someone else fills wax on the carpet, you do not have to panic. You do not have to follow any of the above steps. You can do it quickly in a cleaver. Instead, just cover the wax with a few paper towels. You can then slowly iron the wax on low heat. In case you do not have an iron readily available, you can use a hair dryer. The hair dryer might take a little extra time than the iron, but it is effective enough. You will notice that the wax will liquefy and slowly wick up in the paper towel. Isn’t that an easy and quick process?

These were some of the many ways of how to get candle wax out of carpet without an iron or how to get wax out of carpet without heat and also how to remove wax at home easily. In case you still find that the wax is difficult to remove or if you wouldn’t like to take the risk, you can definitely call the professionals for the purpose.