How to Inspect a Clogged Drain and Its Maintenance

How to Inspect a Clogged Drain and Its Maintenance

Your drains will not be the first thing that pops when you start cleaning your home, but they should be. Consider how critical clean pipes are to the overall health of your water system. Not only does a clogged drain disrupt your often pleasant life, but unclean drains can also produce odours you do not want to think about.

This isn't about getting into the state of the water supply's purity. Since you can't check your drains, you should get them examined at least once a year.

How Can Someone Tell if the Drain Needs to be Cleaned?

There is a certain indication that can help you determine how bad your drain system is. A foul odour coming from the drain, bubbling noises when emptying your bathtub or basin, and sinks or bathtubs draining slowly are all signs of a clogged drain.

If you start noticing any one of these signs,  act quickly to minimize the risk of developing a more costly problem.

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Who Has the Highest Chance of Clogged Drains?

If you've constructed a new house recently, your drains are most certainly in excellent condition. Since the drainage system is brand new, you won't have any issues with clogs anytime soon.

Clogged drains are particularly common in older houses and rental properties. Pipes and gutters in old homes might be obsolete. These are usually narrow and can gather debris, resulting in a blockage.

Clogs can affect everyone, and one of the main reasons is your lifestyle and habits. If you clean your plates in the basin instead of the dishwasher, you run the danger of clogged drains. Debris rinsed off of dishes and utensils might cause food to gather quicker in your sink.

 How Long Does a Clogged Drain Take To Unclog?

Several factors might influence the time it takes for the drains to clog. It mainly gets down to how regularly you utilize them, as well as the quantity of debris that passes through them.

If you don't have a grate or filter over the drainage and the kitchen sink gathers a lot of leftover food, it will get jam regularly. Similarly, if you have long hair, your bath or bathroom faucet might clog up more quickly.

Hair tends to clog sinks rapidly. It's advised to prevent brushing hair over the washbasin in this situation. Again for the bathroom drain, get a shower grating. Hairs can be removed from the grates instead of the drain throughout this method.

When drains are exposed to many people, they might clog. If you have a big family and share a kitchen and bathroom, this might hasten the process.

The rate at which clogs form will vary for every person and home. The importance of prevention should not be overlooked. This will not be an issue if you are mindful of obstructions and manage your drains appropriately.

Why is it Essential to Maintain your Home Regularly?

It is essential to ensure all your drains are functioning properly since it will save you money over time. Well-maintained drains should last longer and require little maintenance.

In the long term, the drain would be less stressed, and you'll be less likely to repair your drain in the future. Here are a few simple techniques to maintain the drains in good shape:

  1. Purchase a drain filter.
  2. Throw extra food into the rubbish instead of leaving it on your plate.
  3. Every two years, get the drains examined.

How Often Can Drainage Systems Get Professionally Cleaned?

You can wash and unblock the drains by yourself in various ways. However, having them done professionally from time to time as a precautionary step is a smart idea. This is particularly important if you are using your drain regularly.

It is a great idea to get your drain cleaned professionally if it clogs once a month and is clogged more than usual. Your plumber is qualified to find whether there's something bigger going on.

Professionals suggest getting your drains checked and treated every two years in just about any home.

However, if you detect an issue, such as water draining slowly or a stench coming out from the drain, then there might be a blockage that should be addressed as soon as possible.

What Other Steps You Can Take To Bring The Drainage System Into Proper Working Order?

Before bringing in the professionals, why not try these steps yourself to see whether these can assist to remove the clog?

  • Boiling water may assist in melting and dissolving hardened fats and oils, and unclogging the drain.
  • The baking soda and vinegar mix work well as a DIY drain cleaner if boiling water doesn't eliminate the clog.
  • Drain cleaning solvents may provide you with additional drain unblocking ability if you're still having trouble unblocking that tough clog.

Contact Your Plumber!

Every two years, you should get the drains inspected by a professional. If you suspect an issue with the drains, call your plumber right away.