How to Remove Permanent Marker?

How to Remove Permanent Marker?

A permanent marker is an essential product, helping us in several situations. Though it is often useful, using a permanent marker is often risky – a little bit of slip and you will ruin any surface. You can stain any surface which includes fabric, wood, plastic, erase board, wall or even skin. Sometimes the stain is really tough to remove and until the stain gets removed, it is almost difficult to use the product again. In such a situation, the main question is ‘how to remove permanent marker’?

So, no matter what surface you have stained, it is important to know how you can remove the marker. Here are some interesting and easy ways of removing the marks from any surface.

Using Hair Spray

Let us first consider how to remove permanent marker from fabric or how to remove permanent marker from clothes. The process is quite easy and can be done in a few steps. You can use hairspray on the permanent marker stained clothes. You can dab the stained spot with hairspray that contains alcohol. This is quite effective in breaking down the stains and it works quite aggressively. You can let the hairspray sit on this stain to be effective. You can then wash the cloth or fabric in washing machine.

If you are thinking about how to remove permanent marker from clothes after being washed, the process will be same and it will help in successfully removing the mark from the clothes.

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Lemons are one of those ingredients which are used in a number of home remedies. If there is marker stain on the walls, lemons are found to be useful. So, here is how to remove permanent marker from wall quickly and with things found easily at home. Lemon is a good natural cleaner which is often used at homes. Lemon is also an essential oil which works effectively in removing permanent marker from painted walls. The acidity of lemon and oil work well to remove the coating of paint. Besides it smells really good.

Removing Permanent Marker from Plastic

Plastic surfaces are often stained by marks. Though all marks can be easily removed, it is not easy to get rid of a permanent marker stain. If you find permanent marker on plastic, you can use alcohol. Alcohol can be used to rub the stain on plastic. It can help in removing all marks from plastic. If you rub alcohol on the plastic, it can help in removing the mark. This is a simple and easy way to remove marker stains from plastic without causing any scratches or marks on the plastic. So, isn’t this an easy step of how to remove permanent marker from plastic?

How to Remove from Metal Surfaces

Metallic surfaces often get stained and sometimes these stains are hard to remove, especially when they are due to permanent markers. If you find that there is a permanent marker stain on a metallic surface, you can use alcohol to remove the stain. If the mark is on different steel appliances, you can easily rub alcohol on the surface of the metal. Rubbing alcohol on the surface helps in erasing the marker. If you do not have alcohol, you can use any regular toothpaste for the purpose. If there are black marker stains, you can easily wife it off after you apply toothpaste.

Now, when using markers, we often get our skin stained. So, if you find that there is permanent marker stain on the skin, you can use a nail polisher remover. It is quite effective in removing the mark. In case you do not have the nail polish remover, you can use a shaving cream, a lotion, a sunscreen or even hand sanitizer for removing the stain. All are equally useful in removing the permanent marker stains from your skin.

Remover Permanent Marker from Whiteboard

If you need to remove permanent markers from whiteboard, you can use a marker to remove the marker stains. You can use a dry erase marker which can be used to draw over the permanent marker. The mark needs to be covered completely as you use a solid color block over this permanent area. You can erase the mark with a good quality dry erase eraser. However, you need to ensure that you erase it while the ink is damp. You need to repeat it again when necessary. In schools there is often a query about how to remove permanent marker from whiteboards – so, now isn’t this an easy way of removing the mark?

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Wooden Surfaces and Permanent Marker

Often, we find marks on wooden surfaces which need to be removed. If you need to know how to remove permanent marker from wood, you can try out the following step. You will need some regular toothpaste. You need to avoid any gel kind of paste. Apply this on the marker stain.

In the next step, you need to rub the toothpaste with damp rag. You will realize that the cloth easily slides across the wooden surface. Next, you can rinse this rag and use it to rub the wooden surface. You need to rub it until you do not find the toothpaste. You will notice that the marker stain is not visible. In case there is any residue, you can repeat the steps again. You need to keep repeating till you find that the stain has disappeared totally.

You might come across different situations when you need to know how to remove permanent marker from vinyl or how to remove permanent marker from leather. For both the situations, you can use any of the above techniques for removing the marker stains. However, whatever method you are choosing to remove the stains, you need to ensure that the surface isn’t damaged.

In case you still find that in spite of all your efforts, you are still not able to get rid of the permanent marks, you need to contact professionals.