How To Remove Stickers Easily

How To Remove Stickers Easily

Stickers are often found everywhere – you will find them when you purchase a new product, when you get your product repaired or when you have something inspected or when there is a need to place a sticker to ensure quality. Now, most often, we need to remove these stickers before we proceed to use the product. So, how to remove stickers in some easy ways?

There are many ways of removing a sticker – the method you choose depends on the surface you are removing the sticker from. For example, if you are thinking about how to remove stickers from laptop, you will need to think about a process, which will not damage your laptop. However, if you are wondering how to remove stickers from books, you can try a different method since the surface of a book is different from that of a laptop. Here are a few ideas, which will help you to remove stickers easily from different kinds of surfaces.

How to remove stickersRemoving Stickers from Wood

Scraping is a convenient way to remove stickers from plastic or wood. However, you need to be a bit careful so that you do not damage the surface of the wood, plastic or metal. You can slowly run the scraper in small movements. You will use a flat edged scraper for removing the sticker. You need to scrape it against the bottom slowly. Using a little bit of pressure should be able to break the adhesive a little.

You shouldn’t be impatient and try to remove the sticker too aggressively. If you are aggressive or if you apply a lot of pressure, the sticker will tear. You might have to begin the process once again. It will leave sticker residues and you might have a tough time to remove the residue Also, remember that you shouldn’t scrape too hard on the surface or you might leave behind scratches.

Removing Sticker Marks from Glass

If there are stickers are on glass, they need to be removed carefully. If you are able to remove the sticker, it still might leave back ugly adhesive marks and you will have to spend additional time in removing these marks. So, let us understand how to remove stickers from glass or how to remove stickers from car surface!

To remove stickers from car paint or glass or even price stickers, you can use warm water. You will need a container of warm water. Dab a cotton ball in this water and soak it well. You will need to wet the surface of the sticker. Once the sticker surface gets wet as it remains soaked, you will be able to peel it off easily. Thus, you can remove stickers easily from the surface. Since the body of a car or glass can get scratched easily, it is important not to use a scraper on the surface.

Using White Vinegar

If you are thinking about how to remove price stickers, you can try white vinegar. White vinegar is easily available at homes. For this, you need to soak a washcloth in white vinegar. You will then need to wrap it just around the area, with the help of sticker. Let this remain for at least thirty minutes. You can then remove the washcloth. You will notice that the sticker is also sliding off quite easily. This is an effective process, if you wish to remove stickers from windshields or car windows. You cannot use a scraper or hot water on all surfaces. You can easily use white vinegar on such surfaces.

Washing Soda

Washing soda is helpful in many ways. It serves a number of purposes and is often used in many home remedies. Though washing soda is often used for laundry and cleaning, you can easily use it for removing stickers. The process is simple and easy as well. You just need to soak the item in a solution prepared using washing soda. You can then remove the sticker and then the residue will disappear as well.

How Mayonnaise Can Help

Mayonnaise is quite effective in removing stickers and their marks. You just need a teaspoon of mayonnaise and leave it on the sticker. Allow it to remain on the sticker for at least thirty minutes. You can then slowly wipe away the sticker and the surface will be clean.

Using Peanut Butter

Do you know that peanut butter is quite effective in removing stickers. If you thought that peanut butter is just good for having it on sandwiches, it is equally effective in removing the sticker residues as well. You need to smear the peanut butter on the sticker. Let the sticker sit for an hour. You can then remove the peanut butter and you will notice that the sticker will peel off easily.

Using a Hair Dryer

Yes, you can use a hair dryer as well to remove stickers. You can hold it close to the spot. You need to hold it on the sticker for around 30 minutes. With a lot of pressurized heat, you will notice that the sticker is falling apart. You will notice that there is no sticky residue remaining. However, you shouldn’t use a hair dryer on any plastic product.

Rub Alcohol To Remove Sticker Adhesive

Another good way of removing stickers is with the help of alcohol. If you wish you can use cheap quality alcohol. You can also use nail polish remover, as it is equally effective in removing adhesive from any surface. These items are quite helpful in removing stickers and usually easily available at homes. So, all you need to do is soak a little paper towel in alcohol or dab some nail polish remover on it. You can wrap it just around the sticker. You can also soak the sticker for around 30 minutes and then you can slowly wipe it.

So, next time you see stickers, you do not have to worry about what to do with it or how to remove it. You can easily use some easy ways to remove the stickers, without causing any damage to the surface.