How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

girl sleeping on carpetVacuuming your carpet at least once a week, and preferably twice a week, is one of the best ways to keep your carpets looking clean. But it takes cleaning by professionals who use advanced methods to get the cleanest carpet possible.

Why You Need To Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Vacumning using a standard ‘home’ machine only lifts a certain amount of soil from the top layers of your carpet, and whilst you can buy a carpet cleaning machine, they are nowhere near as powerful or effective as an expensive professional machine (which often cost between $10,000 and $100,000 to buy).

Vacuuming alone doesn’t help to maintain your carpet’s proper texture, and does very little to remove contaminants like mites, bacteria, odours and stains that set deep within the fabric.

Just like any other kind of filter, carpets become less effective at their job when full, so routine sanitation is a must. Carpet fibres catch and hold particles that could contaminate the air quality inside the home and reduce health in your home.

Only with professional cleaning, which often involves a deep water extraction method – such as the one used by our recommended cleaner in Port Macquarie – you can be sure to remove harmful contaminants, improve air quality in your home, and greatly improve the longevity of your carpet’s life.

What Signs to Look For

To get the most life out of your carpets, you will want to have them cleaned well before they begin to show any wear. You should consider your lifestyle, budget, and your standards of cleanliness.

If you have kids and pets or regularly entertain guests, then you will likely notice tracks of dirt and other messes in the most heavily trafficked areas. You may also notice carpet matting in certain areas like entrances and common walkways. Carpet matting traps dirt beneath the surface fibres even more, meaning that you aren’t getting any of the contaminants out from your carpets with just regular vacuuming.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned can be pricey; however, it is considered a necessary expense if you want your carpets looking fresh and new throughout the year. Not only that, you’ll actually save money in the long run as your carpets will last longer.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

The construction and sturdiness of carpet fibres will vary across brands and styles. Each time you clean your carpet it gets broken down a little, so it’s always best to have professional cleaners perform maintenance to ensure that correct cleaning solutions and methods are used.

In general, most carpet manufacturers recommend you clean your carpets using a water extraction method at least once a year. Professional cleaning should happen more frequently – every 6 to 12 months – if you live with kids or if you have any pets.

Other factors you should consider are environmental. Carpets in humid areas can attract more bacteria from soiling and dirt, and may cause rising damp or mould. If you or someone else smokes in your home, you should look to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 6 to 9 months.

Lastly, if you want to maintain your carpet’s warranty, you should follow the manufacturer’s requirements. Hiring professional carpet cleaners is recommended by your warranty, and protects you from having to pay for expensive repairs or a replacement if your carpet becomes damaged.

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