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Get your pricing right, save time,
avoid costly mistakes & charge more!

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“I've only recently started my cleaning business, and found pricing jobs was one of my biggest challenges. Now I can use this calculator whenever I go and do an estimate I know I can create a really accurate, and most importantly profitable, estimate on the spot! I've only tried one of the tips in the profitable pricing guide but already it's helped me get 2 new clients this week & it's only Wednesday!"

Sarah Watson, Australia (NSW)

Create accurate, client winning estimates quickly & easily with the Instant Estimate Calculator...

...& use the Profitable Pricing Guide to: 

  • Get your pricing right
  • Turn inquiries in to paying clients
  • Increase your profits using a few simple tips and tricks

Save time, avoid costly mistakes
& increase profits!


Use the Estimate & Pricing Calculator to increase rates, & charge more. Be confident your prices are competitive, and you are not leaving any money on the table.   


Making a mistake with your pricing can be costly - and we've heard so many stories of people undercharging and then not being able to increase rates later on. However when you use the calculator you'll know every estimate will be accurate


Creating estimates and working out profitable & competitive prices used to take a long time - not anymore. Once you've added your default timings it takes only a minute or two to create an estimate. It's quick, easy and hassle free. 


The profitable pricing guide shows you how to get your pricing just right, and gives you hints and tips to increase the amount of money your existing customers spend, and get them to stay with you longer!  It's designed to make you more money! 

Instant Estimate Calculator

Create accurate, client winning estimates
in a few clicks!

 Automatic Estimates (with pre-populated timings)
Each new estimate is pre-populated with your average timings (or ours if you prefer) for each room / area.  

All you need to do is choose which rooms / areas to include & tweak the timings if you need to. 

Makes You Look & Sound Professional
Image is everything! The way potential customers perceive you is a big reason they will decide to go with your services.

The online estimate calculator allows you look professional, build trust & help you to get more cleaning jobs..

Allow Time for Pets, Unloading/ Loading & More...
Does your client have pets or live in a high-rise building? Do you need to spend more time loading & unloading?

We've included all the options you need to create an accurate estimate (so you won't end up losing money!) 

 Updated with New Features, Extras & Upgrades
We have a number of new features and upgrades being worked on right now - you'll get access to these free of charge!.  

Create a Client Record: Record Information About the Client & Their Home
Record the clients contact details, add general notes & details about their condition of their home. View or update at anytime. 

Works On Any Device
The estimate calculator works on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Use it when you visit a client to create an accurate estimate right then and there.

 Displays Time & Cost
Every estimate shows the total time it will take to complete the job & the price you should charge (including an allowance for profit & business expenses)

Save Estimates or Email Them
Keep a record of all the estimates you've created. Use them again for similar jobs in the future & keep a record of the price you quoted.

Personalise with Add-ons & Extra Services
Does your client want you to clean the oven, and change the linen? We've included options for additional services to create a personalised quote for your new customer.

Profitable Pricing Guide

Complete 6 step guide to profitable pricing, creating winning estimates & increasing your business income... 
Step 1: Create a Cleaning Checklist
Step 3: How to Calculate a Profitable Hourly Rate 
Step 5: Create a professional proposal (in 2 mins or less)!
Step 2: Know EXACTLY how long it takes to clean a house
Step 4: How to Create a Winning Estimate
Step 6: Pricing & Profit Hints, Tips, Tricks & Techniques.

What People are Saying...

“Before I started using this estimate calculator I only charged by the hour and would just give clients a guide to how long it would take. Since I've started charging by the job, and creating estimates using the calculator, I've been able to increase my profit margin by quite a bit - and I'm doing the same work! Clients comment on how professional I am, and are impressed that I am creating a personalised estimate just for them - but it only takes a couple of minutes to do it! ”

“I live in an area with quite a few competitors, and used to find the only inquiries I managed to turn in to customers were price shoppers looking for a discount service. Since I started using the calculator, and used the tips in the guide, I've been able to attract a much higher quality customer, and when they see how organised and professional I am (if only they know the real story!) they are happy to pay a bit extra for a quality service. I'll often win the job even if my estimate is the highest!

“My cleaning business is new (it's just me so far!) and I'm a bit slow when it comes to technology, so I was worried this tool might be complicated - but I found it very simple and easy-to-use. So if I can do it you can! I didn't read the included report at first because I was so busy dealing with clients and inquiries - but I am glad I finally did. Just using one of the tips in there has already generated 3 new clients (and probably stopped me losing 3 more!)

(No Risk - 30 Day Money Back Promise)

 Try with no risk! 
We offer a complete 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied we will refund your money. Simply send us an email with your receipt and reason for cancelling and we will process your refund request immediately.  

Limited-Time Bonuses
(valued at $7

These bonuses are included with every one year plan.

BONUS 1: Steal Our Tried & Tested Average Timings (value $25)

If you are new to the industry and are not sure how long it should take you / your team to clean a room - steal our timings instead!

You'll probably want to tweak these timings as you go, but they'll give you a great head start. 

These timings have been tried and tested in 2 profitable cleaning companies! 



BONUS 2: Extended Multi-User License (value $17)

Get an extended licence to allow your business partner & or team member to access and use the calculator (usually the licence only covers use by 1 person).

Please Note: Only people employed or contracted by your company may use the calculator & the profitable pricing guide SHOULD not be shared. 



BONUS 3: Priority Support
(value $17)

Jump the queue & get unlimited access to our experienced team members to help you get the most out of your calculator and profitable pricing guide.  



BONUS 4: Get New Features & Updates Before Anyone Else! (value $12)

We've got a whole load of new features, updates and improvements planned over the coming months - you'll get access to the new features and upgrades free of charge and before anyone else does!

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  • Profitable Pricing Guide
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