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Pricing & Estimate Calculator 

Below you'll find instructions, videos and guides to help you use the Estimate and Pricing Calculator, and accompanying Profitable Pricing Guide.

If you are experiencing problems & your question hasn't been answered below please contact & a member of the team will look in to your issue & respond ASAP. 

How to Access the Calculator

Login using the username & password you received by email.

Your login details will be sent to you by email within 24 hours of payment being received (Mon-Fri). If it has been longer than this please email

Change Your Password: You can change your password by clicking on 'Forgot Password?' link on the calculator login page

Profitable Pricing Guide - IMPORTANT! 

The Profitable Guide was created to be used alongside the Estimate and Pricing Calculator.

This guide walks you through the process of creating your default timings, and creating an estimate (as well showing you how to increase your rates, profits and more!). 

You should have received an email with the link to download this guide - if you haven't downloaded it yet, you can using the link below...

How to Use the Calculator to Create Estimates 

Please read the Profitable Pricing guide (see details above). 

Click on the 'Add Estimate' link at the top of every page, or the 'Add Estimate' button from your dashboard. 

Complete the fields as required to add the estimate. The client information fields are optional. The calculated estimates will be displayed at the bottom of the estimate. 

We have also put together a short video which walks you through the process below.

NOTE: This 'Add Estimate' video is currently being updated - however this general overview video shows you how the process works. 

How to Add or Edit Default Timings

Adding your default timings makes creating estimates quick and easy.

To add your timings (& hourly rate) click 'Default Timings' from the link at the top of every page (visible after you login to your calculator)

Complete the fields with your average timings for each room / area, your hourly rate, and multiples for different types of cleaning.

The profitable pricing guide provides detailed instructions to calculate & complete each of these areas.

How to View or Edit an Existing Estimate

Estimates you have already created will be displayed on your dashboard. This is the screen you see after you login to the calculator.

Simply click on the name of the estimate to view the full estimate.

Make any changes you wish you make, and then click update. If you want to you save the edited version as a new estimate.