Signs That Warn You About Possible Sewer Problems

Signs That Warn You About Possible Sewer Problems

Problems with your sewer system are not only unpleasant, but they may also be difficult to detect early, leaving you with major problems. It would help immensely if you are warned before things get out of hand.

The pipes that run to the main sewer line from your house may get affected by quite a few issues, such as corrosion or tree roots. You need to be able to tell if there are issues with these pipes because it’s not just the toilet that empties into the sewage line, the bathtub, shower, sink, and other appliances in your house also use this line.

So here are a few signs that could potentially warn you if there are any issues with your sewage line so that you can take care of it before it gets worse.

Unexplained Clogs

If you notice that your bathtub, sink, or toilet is getting clogged more frequently than you would care for, you need not be unconcerned about the fact that they are not getting clogged at all. If you cannot find any reason for the frequent clogging, the problem might actually lie with your sewer line.

All the drains in your house are connected to the sewer system, and any issue with the sewer line, such as a blocked sewerage pipe, can potentially be the cause of the fake clogs. As a result, having a fundamental grasp of how to clear a sewage line is important, such as identifying the clogged sewer drain, inserting drain augers, and replacing drain caps.

Strange Noises From The Toilet

When you flush your toilet, do you notice a gurgling sound that you can’t recognize? Do you hear the same unusual gurgling sound that your toilet makes when you run your dishwasher or any other water-using appliance?

All of these signs might mean that there is an underlying issue in your sewer line that you need to check out immediately. Don’t ignore any strange noises coming from the toilet, if they are left unchecked, they might develop into a far messier problem.

Toilet Draining Slowly

Is your toilet in the bathroom and the sink in the kitchen are draining slowly? Is this also the case with the guest bathroom at the same time? When you notice several bathrooms and the sinks in your kitchen draining slowly at the same time, it is apparent there is a problem in the sewer system that needs to be looked at immediately.

Don't hesitate to call a professional for slow draining of your toilet and sink, as the sewer system might require urgent repair.

The Water Bill Has Gone Up 

If you suddenly notice that your water bill has gone up all of a sudden, but you haven’t made any change to the way that you use your water, this might indicate a water leak somewhere.

You also will need to get the sewer line checked as water may be leaking from there too causing your water bills to rise without any changes in your water consumption patterns.

Your Toilets are Constantly Backing Up

There is a valve in the sewer line that keeps the water from the city’s sewer system out from the water in your home. If you notice that your toilets are frequently backing up, this probably means there is a problem with that valve, as the toilets in your home drain into the sewer line.

Get the valve and sewer line checked instantly in case of frequent toilets backing up to avoid a potential catastrophe of getting the city’s sewer water into your home.

Unpleasant Odors From Your Basement Or Yard

Being able to smell sewage means a very serious problem of a leak. There might be a rupture in the sewer line, and this is a problem that needs the immediate attention of a professional plumber, to assess and fix the damage to your property.

A rupture in the sewer line is a serious problem, so don't try to fix it on your own, rather take a professional plumber's help for it. Make sure to keep your pets and kids away from the area to avoid things getting messier.

Some Patches Of Grass on Your Yard Are Greener

If you notice that the grass on a certain patch or area of land in your yard is greener and thicker, you know there might be an underground sewer line leak in that particular area.

The water will have natural fertilizer in it from the wastewater, which will be good for the grass but not at all for your property. So, get the underground sewer line checked out for leakages instantly if you notice any greener and thicker patches of grass on your property.

Presence of Vermin

Vermin such as cockroaches live in the sewers along with rodents and rats. If you notice the presence of critters in your house, it might indicate there is a crack in the sewer pipes. The same reason causes rodents to come into your home.

This poses a serious hygiene issue in your home as vermin can cause your family members to be infected with various diseases. When you see these uninvited visitors in your house, have you had your sewage line examined by a professional?

Possible Causes

Now that you know some symptoms signaling an issue with the sewer lines, you now need to know what causes might be responsible for these issues. It’s important to identify the root cause so that the proper fix can be applied. Here are a few common situations that can cause problems with your sewer line.

  • Members of your household are clogging your drain by putting substances such as fat or oil down the drain.
  • A sudden shift in the ground has caused a certain pipe to get fractured.
  • Your sewer lines can get damaged by tree roots or plants growing into them.
  • Your main sewer system is leaking into your home's sewer system due to a faulty valve malfunctioning.
  • There might be a case of pipe corrosion, causing your pipes to leak.

Summing up

If detected early, sewage problems can be fixed pretty easily, especially if you employ a professional plumber for the work. So don’t ignore the signs and call an expert plumbing services provider to check out your sewage system and inspect any clogged drains at the first signs of trouble. Be safe by maintaining healthy living conditions for your family.