How to Start a Cleaning Business - On a Budget (UNDER $500)

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One of the great things about the cleaning industry is you can get start with minimal money. After numerous years of meeting with hundreds of cleaning entrepreneurs, I Notice that those who start with the least money tend to be more successful over time. Individuals with access to lots of funds usually begin things all completely wrong. They devote excessive money and time on the things that do not create any earnings, like designing a logo together with obtaining business shirts or website. It Does Help but These are generally non-natural assurance boosters, these are things individuals consider they need to be a “real business.” Do you know aware when you become an actual business? When someone pays you for goods or service. Until then, you are just merely a entrepreneur playing air guitar. Being hungry and having to make a successful sale bring simplicity to what really matters.

The Real Way to start a Cleaning Business on a Budget

$100 – Vacuum

You dont need the most expensive vacuum to get started. It does not have to be top quality. Indeed, ultimately you will want to invest in a high quality vacuum. But for those of you starting on a shoestring budget, you can obtain a reliable upright canister vacuum at your local Home Equipment retailer for less than $100. This will get you started until you have a steady flow of income to get a new High end Vacuum

$100 – Cleaning Supplies

You can cut corners on some products. There is some minimal differences between the top of the line and cheaper glass cleaners. Here are some of the basics that you will need to get started:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Basic Spray and wipe for General Cleaning
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Air Freshener (To Mask some Cleaning product Odours)
  • Cheap Cleaning Gloves
  • Cheap Duster

There is always more you can add to the list above but for the above if you are thrifty you could pick these up at your local Discount shop for super cheap

$50 – High-Quality cleaning Cloths

Microfiber is one of the best purchases when it comes to a cleaning business. It makes your job more practical/easier, makes you to look a lot more professional, and over time can prevent spending plenty of cash on paper towels and alternative less sturdy cloths.

A Microfiber Cloth has so many uses it can literally be used for most cleaning tasks you need to complete. People usually cheap out and go for the cheapest cloths from your local supermarket, as they dont know how great micro fibre is or just dont want to fork out heaps of money. Usually for about $50 you can get about 25-50 Cloths depending on where you buy.

$100 – Promoting 

Order some business cards on the internet such as a place like vista print. Hand them out to shops to put on the counter for prospective clients to grab on their shopping days. Offer them to your friends and family. Post free advertisements on Places Like Gum-tree or in the Local paper. Use door hangers that you'll be able to print at your local library or at home, then place them door to door. With handing out all these Business cards and Door Hangers be sure to give people a Discount if they need your Cleaning services as it gives them an incentive to hand out your business cards or use your service. Finally set up your Google local Listing and ask your friends for reviews until you get a minimum of 5.

$100 – Miscellaneous 

The Last $100 Can be for any fees for registering a business name, which this usually is free depending on where you are located, best to check your States Business Info Website.

This will also include extras such as fuel costs or you may run out of some cleaning products.

Always good to have a little bit of money on the side just in case any extra costs pop up out of nowhere

$0 – Learn how to Clean

It might not be the first thing you think of doing. But Your local library are most likely to have multiple books that are an excellent place to start out. Speed cleaning by Jeff Campbell could be a superb book to start out. Always a great idea to grab 10 Books to start out reading and once you are done go back return the books and grab some more books, until you think you have learnt all you can. Google is always a great way to find out info on the best ways to clean

So if we put all that together it equals to:

  1.  Vacuum = $100
  2.  Cleaning Supplies = $100
  3. High Quality Cloths = $50
  4. Promoting = $100
  5. Misc = $100
  6. Learn How to Clean = $0

Total = $450 


You're now cleaning and generating revenue. Save up 20% of each dollar you create to re-invest in your business. You'll want some cash to shop for a lot of supplies. Your vacuum can eventually break and need to be repaired and replaced, and you'll be able to build some savings to put into more marketing over time.

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