5 Successful Cleaning Business Stories

5 Successful Cleaning Business Stories

The Australian commercial cleaning industry made a revenue of $12.3 billion in 2021 and has been growing at a rate of 0.6% for the past five years. If you are here, you are probably interested in entering the market. Regardless, the first step is to do your homework.

So what makes a business successful? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. But what we can tell you is it requires a truckload of passion, skill, hardwork, and a teeny bit of luck on your side.

In the same way, there could be various reasons for a business to be unsuccessful. Unless you try your hands on it, you won’t know. However, learning from other’s mistakes and strategies can give you the boost you need when starting a business.

So, let’s learn the trade secrets of successful cleaning businesses and how they got to where they are today. It will help you strategise, brainstorm and decide the best route to begin your cleaning business journey.

Successful Cleaning Business Stories

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Go 2 Girls

Crystal Hamm is the owner of Go 2 Girls, a successful maid business. She built her company from scratch and scaled it to multi-million-dollar revenue.

To top it all, she did it in three years! But, Crystal didn’t just get lucky; it took a calculated road map and timely intelligent decisions.

Her first step was to build her online presence, and so she bought a URL and started a page on Facebook. She wanted to get the word out before she even jumped in.

It’s surprising to know that Crystal knew nothing about how cleaning businesses work. Nevertheless, she had a dream, and she decided to pursue it, gaining knowledge and expertise on the way. In fact, her first few orders taught her how important it was to price her services since overcharging and undercharging are grave mistakes.

She continued hiring full-time staff, training them, and worked tirelessly on her social media presence. Awards and praises followed as she expanded her managerial staff and maintained quality.

According to her, success followed her because she cared. She cared for her employees by paying them what they deserved. And she cared for her customers by giving them the best service and keeping up with their demands.

Similarly, she believes in the delegation of work so the owner can focus on generating ideas and implementing them.


Cleancorp, located in Sydney, is a family-owned business that has been in the cleaning industry for the past 25 years. Lisa and Hamish started up their business in 1997 when they were struggling to make ends meet while juggling a hotel services job and carpenter job, respectively.

When they ran out of cash to make it to the end of the month, Mr Hamish took up a side job in the cleaning sector to keep them afloat. That’s when it struck them, and Cleancorp came into being.

The strategy that has shown 195% growth in sales is based on the personalisation of their services. They humanise their interaction with their customers by sending welcome cards with the cleaner’s details to new customers.

Over the next few weeks, the customers receive cookies, coffee, and another personalised card from the owner. You make the customer feel loved, respected, and cared for; they know you won't let them fall through the cracks.

Perhaps their most substantial move lies in automating various aspects of the business. Automation has helped them scale their business to unachievable lengths, and they aren’t even done yet.

Starting from guiding a prospect to become a client and moving on to signing up the contract, each process is automated.

Their latest game plan involves using UV light and Black UV light, which has enticed their customers even further. At the moment, Cleancorp is looking to develop a “Swipe File” system to teach others how to build, run and grow a successful and efficient business.

Cleancorp has managed to gain the trust of some of the most recognised brands only because they have maintained the quality and gained customer loyalty.

A Cleaning to Remember

Inez Arevalo, the owner of A Cleaning to Remember, stumbled upon the idea when she was at a loss finding a good cleaning service for her house. Therefore, she proudly presents her services to each household that needs a clean home, no strings attached.  

But ever since its inception, the business has met many obstacles. The most significant one, perhaps, was even before the commencement.

The owner Inez Arevalo commented that she was worried about lawsuits, bad reviews and scared of all the competition. But she managed to beat the odds by focusing on a niche.

A Cleaning to Remember claims to clean your house of any pet hair. As they niched down, they expanded their loyal customer base. Presently they are looking to expand to more markets and grow their staff.

Green Clean Squad

Katie Pearse combined her knowledge of internet marketing with her passion to be an entrepreneur and made a million dollars on the way.

Her mantra is simple; she evaluated what she expects from a cleaning company and formulated precisely the same plan.

But the execution wasn’t that simple. She wanted to try all the marketing tools and ideas but knew nothing about cleaning! Nevertheless, she dived in with a partner who had a fair idea about the cleaning industry.

They began as a team, cleaning houses at night and at weekends. Finally, in 2008 as their business picked up momentum and they had regular clients, Katie waved goodbye to her day job.

By 2011, Katie and her partner had made their first million in revenue. The success of their business lies in experimentation. First, they introduced online quotes, so the customers didn’t have to wait for an in-house examination to get an estimate.

This boosted sales as it gave them an edge over competitors. Second, they offered a 50% discount to those clients who would complete a thorough review of their cleaners. This strategy was generously accepted by clients since they loved the deal.

The cleaners appreciated the bonus that came with a glowing review. And naturally, customer responses helped Katie identify the issues that needed immediate attention.

To improve staff retention and get better cleaners, Katie introduced a lavish health benefits plan. Scales skyrocketed as Katie hired the best staff and invested heavily in advertisements. Eventually, Katie retired from the firm to use her expertise in consulting and other business ventures.

Real World Services Company

Kyle Walker raked in his first million dollars at the age of 21 thanks to his cleaning company, Real World Service Company.

The company employs 15 people, most of whom are Kyle’s family members and friends. Kyle believes the success of his company lies within the fact that he started so early. Thus, his company was never about paying the bills but always about connecting with the community.

At the age of 15, Kyle mowed lawns for his neighbours to make some extra cash. When an opportunity presented itself and he was offered to take up cleaning houses, he joined hands with his sister and began his journey.

He believes the training he received during the six-month course at Cleaning Business Builders Foundation of Success helped him exponentially. It gave him the confidence to add carpet cleaning services and property management services to the company’s portfolio.

Kyle is hopeful that he can grow his business even further and plans to expand to new markets. The young entrepreneur has now focused all his attention on growth and delegated his day-to-day tasks to trained staff.

The Takeaway

All of these successful cleaning businesses have one thing in common - sheer determination to understand their client’s requirements. When you take the time to study the market, the competitors and how the market is changing, that’s when you will start to shine.

We can’t emphasise enough on making an online presence and being accessible to your customers since, in this fast-paced world, everyone needs their jobs done quickly.

So whether you are new to the cleaning industry or spent years here, take the time to learn the tricks of the trade and perhaps the next story on this page will be yours.