How to Tackle Lawn Cleaning Like a Pro

Your lawn should be a point of pride in your yard as it showcases how well you take care of your property. The upkeep of a lawn can be time-consuming, but there are ways to enjoy it and make it a part of your weekly routine. Check out some tips below for how to tackle lawn cleaning like a pro. 

Invest in Good Tools

No lawn can be maintained without some essential tools in the shed. The first and most important tool is a big rake. Raking up leaves and other debris from your lawn makes it look instantly better and your kids will love it every time you make a big leaf pile. If you have a bigger lawn to take care of, a leaf blower is another great tool to invest in because it cuts down cleaning time exponentially and makes it much easier to get leaves into a pile to rake into bags. 

Other lawn cleaning tools include big trash bags for collecting leaves and grass clippings, heavy-duty gloves for weed pulling, a good lawnmower, and a weed-whacker. All of these tools combined make for the perfect toolkit to get your lawn looking good all the time. 

Hire a Lawn Care Service

If you have had a hard time with the health of your lawn or you just don’t have time to maintain it as much as you wish, hiring a lawn care service is a great option. These kinds of lawn care services are provided by people who are experts in lawn care and want you to have the best-looking lawn on the block. Lawn specialists can come and evaluate why your lawn keeps getting yellow spots, mow and trim your lawn regularly, and add fertilizer and other renovative substances to get your lawn looking great again.

With a lawn care service, you can schedule weekly or monthly check-ins where lawn care specialists can monitor your lawn’s progress, cut out problem areas to start re-growth and use materials and tools that are specific to lawn care. This means that if you want the best lawn in the neighborhood, you don’t have to invest in specific and expensive tools to get your lawn looking as good as possible.

Don’t Overwater

As you are trying to keep your lawn clean and healthy, don’t overwater it. Firstly, this is a great way to waste water, especially in the hot summer months when water is in short supply in many areas. Secondly, overwatering your lawn can lead to flooded areas and oversaturation in areas that are trying to grow. These issues can lead to yellow or brown spots and having to redo the seeding process in areas of your lawn that you are trying to re-grow. 

If you live in a humid area, overwatering can also lead to fungus and mold growth. This will add more maintenance work for you and give your lawn an unclean look. Another issue that happens with overwatering lawns is that the sitting water will attract nasty bugs like mosquitoes. This can be a nightmare in the summertime when you and your family want to play in the grass and you all come into the house covered in mosquito bites. A good rule of thumb is to water your lawn enough to dampen it and then turn the water off. If you have automatic sprinklers, then set them to a timer of five minutes or less. 

Evaluate Problem Areas

These can be areas under trees where lots of leaves tend to fall or areas where animals leave debris like nut shells. If the debris accumulates quickly in these areas, then make raking it up a weekly chore and try examining these areas every day to keep an eye on them. This way, the lawn will stay clean for longer.

Other problem areas can be yellow or brown spots from animal droppings. If these spots are caused by your own pet, try creating a certain area in the lawn where they can go instead of letting them go wherever they want. This way, the spots will be concentrated in one area instead of scattered around the yard. If you want to heal these patches of grass that have died to make the lawn look cleaner and healthier, then you have to dig up the affected areas and plant new seeds. To prevent these areas from getting disturbed, install some netting over the top of the spots to keep critters away.    

Conduct Regular Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance to keep it looking clean includes pulling weeds, raking up debris, and regularly picking up animal droppings. Doing a quick daily lookover of your lawn will show how much you care about its appearance. It will also make you a pro in lawn care if you stay consistent in it and learn from your mistakes as you go.

Mow and Trim Regularly

Keeping a well-maintained lawn will help to keep it clean for longer. In warmer months, it is good to mow your lawn once a week to keep from overgrowth and weed intrusion. The same goes for the edges. It is important to use a weed-whacker on the ends of your lawn after each mow to keep your lawn looking crisp and clean. This may also be a requirement depending on whether or not you live somewhere that has a homeowner’s association with rules and regulations about lawn maintenance. 

Install Fencing

If you have a problem with people letting their dogs leave presents on your lawn or you have to constantly shew away wild animals, installing a small fence around the perimeter of your lawn might be the perfect solution for you. A small perimeter fence will add a nice aesthetic look to your lawn and keep it clean for longer. It is also a sign that certain animals are not welcome to just come and leave their droppings for you to have to pick up.  

Taking ownership of your lawn and making it look the best it can shows that you are a dedicated homeowner. Keep these tips in mind as you try to get your lawn looking as clean as possible.

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