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Tom White - Founder

Tom White - Founder

Tom White started TrustedCleaner in 2013 as a response to the frustrations he experienced when trying to find, and hire local service professionals. After talking with friends and family he quickly realised he wasn’t the only person who had been ripped off, wasted time, or ended up hiring the wrong company for the job.

The cleaning industry is largely unregulated, and barriers to entry are quite low, so it tends to attract both dodgy operators, and unskilled/inexperienced professionals. After talking with industry experts, local cleaning companies, and of course members of the public, Tom decided to launch a service which benefits both consumers and trusted/reliable cleaning companies. This service is now known as TrustedCleaner.com.au.

Tom is passionate about using technology to improve our lives, and overcome problems. He has extensive online marketing experience, and has been working with small business owners to help them grow their businesses for the past several years.