Top Tips For Maintaining Your Shutters – Here’s What You Should Know

Top Tips For Maintaining Your Shutters – Here’s What You Should Know

Shutters are a beautiful addition to any home. Interior shutters can be much more convenient than hanging blinds, and they give your home a beautiful look. Exterior shutters have a rustic look that adds dimension and personality to any home. However shutters, just like any other home upgrade, require maintenance, and it is important to keep them properly cared for to remain in good working condition. There are more aspects to maintaining your shutters than you may think. From keeping the paint from fading to ensuring the hinges are well maintained, there are many things that you can do to keep your shutters in the best possible condition. Depending on whether you have interior or exterior shutters, there are different considerations to take into account, but certain fundamentals are true for both types. Here are some easy tips to follow that will keep your shutters looking brand new for years to come.

What are Shutters?

There are different types of shutters, indoor shutters are customized window dressings that replace traditional blinds and drapes. They are made with slats that have a rod connecting them all, allowing you to fully or partially close them as you choose. Internal shutters have different styles that can be explored at where the differences in look and functionality are explained. Internal shutters have several options available, from color and size to operational differences, so choosing the shutter that is best for your home style is imperative.

Exterior shutters on windows can be functional or decorative, as well as protective. They are used as decoration pieces to accent your windows from the outside, with traditional shutters giving your home a vintage and rustic look. Functional shutters can be used to give shade, protect your windows in the event of a storm, or secure your windows entirely. Depending on the type of shutters you select for your home, their use and maintenance will differ.

Regular Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your shutters looking like new is to ensure proper cleaning. Interior shutters need to be dusted and wiped down, to keep them looking brilliant and new. Exterior shutters should be washed a few times a year, to remove dirt ad pollutants that may collect from the outside. A simply cleaning will go a long way to ensure your shutters remain functional and working well. To avoid having your shutters look dingy, you want to maintain a cleaning schedule for them so they will be in tip-top shape for years to come.

It is important to use the correct materials when cleaning out shutters, and avoiding harsh chemicals can keep them looking fresh for longer. Normal dusting and cleaning stains as soon as they appear can keep your shutters glistening, rather than dull and marked. Depending on the material of your shutters, you don't need anything other than water to clean them, and maybe some light-duty soap for those pesky stains that you can't get off without an additive. 

Appropriate cleaning of your shutters is the number one way you can keep them gleaming and functional, so don't forget about them on cleaning day. Protect your investment and put some time into maintaining your shutters, both interior, and exterior, in the appropriate ways.

Operating the Louvers

When you open and close your interior shutters, you should do so by operating them from the middle. Louvers can break with excessive force, so be gentle with your shutters. You should avoid opening and closing the shutters from the edges, as this can eventually weaker your louvers, leading to improper closure and repair costs. Shutters are an investment, so proper operation of them is imperative. If you have little ones in the home, try to avoid having them put their weight on the bottom shutters, as they are not meant for such treatment. Ensure that the slats are not pulled on, and avoid grabbing them from the sides, weakening the closure system. Always open and close your shutters from the middle to keep them well conditioned and working.

Hinge Maintenance for Exterior Shutters

The hinges on exterior shutters should be kept clean and well-oiled. If you find that your shutters are squeaky or hard to close, then it is time to apply some oil to them, keeping them functional and stopping them from jamming up. Choosing the right hinge material is important, as they will be exposed to the elements, so ensuring that you use hinges meant for outdoors will prevent rusting and hinge problems. A good practice is to clean these hinges once a month, to avoid a buildup of dust and debris. It is better to keep them clean and functional than to have to replace them, so take some time out to ensure they are kept clean.

Paint Choice

When painting your exterior shutters, make sure that you are using suitable exterior paint. Indoor and outdoor paints have different characteristics, and if you don't use the correct paint you may soon find them fading or peeling. Interior paint should not be used on exterior surfaces, so when installing or repainting your shutters make sure you are using the appropriate paint that will be able to withstand the sun, rain, and heat of being outside. 

Shutters can be a tremendous addition to your home or cottage, adding a modern rustic touch and a vibrant interior. Giving your home shutters adds personality and beauty that cannot be denied, so maintaining them is important. They are moving pieces, and moving pieces especially require proper usage, cleaning, and care. Always pay attention to how you operate your shutters to avoid damage to the louvers, clean them at least once a month, and treat them with due respect. Once your shutters are installed you will be in love with their look and you will never go back to traditional blinds and drapes again. Shutters are a beautiful addition to any home, and with regular maintenance, you can ensure they stay working for you for years to come.