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Dirty shoes end-up tarnishing that beautiful white couch? Cup of tea accidentally spill on the ottoman? Don’t run the risk of damaging your upholstery further by trying at-home remedies, contact with a professional cleaner today

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devine rug care

Devine Carpet Care
02 9944 0554

5 Emerald St, Narrabeen, Sydney, 2101
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Family owned and operated with 30 years experience in the upholstery cleaning game, Devine Carpet Care is a reliable and experienced Sydney Upholstery cleaning company.

Using a combination of encapsulation and steam techniques, Devine’s in-home services can accommodate almost all materials normally used on couches, chairs and ottomans.

Though Devine specializes in rug and carpet care, a good portion of their business comes from injecting new life into seasoned and stained upholstery.

Service Area: Northern Beaches & North Shore

agi carpet services

A.G.I. Carpet Services
02 9997 8888

2/45 Bassett St, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103
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With free price quotes and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, A.I.G. tries to take a lot of the heavy thinking out of choosing an upholstery cleaner in Sydney.

Aside from standard steam and encapsulation cleaning methods, A.I.G. offers Teflon protection for newly cleaned upholstery to prevent liquids, soils and other contaminants from staining the fabric in the future.

Service Area: Northern Beaches, North Shore & Inner City Suburbs

absolute perfection carpet cleaning

Absolute Perfection Carpet Cleaning
04 1426 4662

12 Dianella Pl, Mt Annan, NSW, 2567
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A high-end solution, Absolute Perfection believes in paying for quality and say just as much on the front page of their website: “The anger of poor quality remains long after the joy of a low price”.

For the environmentally conscious consumer, this company uses eco-friendly treatments and cleaning agents in an attempt to leave the world in better condition than they found it.

All work is subject to a pre-inspection to examine for damage and fibre conditions.

Service Area: Sydney Metro

chem dry

Absolute Perfection Carpet Cleaning
04 1426 4662

12 Dianella Pl, Mt Annan, NSW, 2567
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Personal, effective and friendly service is the goal of Chem Dry’s upholstery team. With three, fully-equipped service vans and six experienced technicians, this company takes on any job no matter how big or small.

Owning a green certification, ChemDry doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals or cleaning methods, ensuring a safe home environment long after their departure.

Free quotes are offered so don’t shy away from calling this provider for a candid discussion about any upholstery issues.

Service Area: Sydney CBD, North Shore, Inner-West, Eastern Suburbs

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chem dry


Call 04 1418 5151

Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.

That’s the mantra of ChemDry and by all accounts they appear to live up to their words.

Twenty-five years of upholstery cleaning have helped ChemDry fully understand the nuances of the business, which is why they’ve developed the tools and honed the methods to meet the needs of every single client, whether commercial or residential.

From their “natural” cleaning method which channels the cleaning power of hotly carbonated liquids to their “Rapid Dry” OMS solution, ChemDry can tackle any problem on any fabric.

Not sure if ChemDry will live up to the hype?—Take a look at the various customer testimonials they have posted on their website for reassurance.

Perks of ChemDry’s service include:

  • 2 hour drying time
  • Free estimates
  • Fabric protection
  • Dust mite services
  • Anti-microbial treatments
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemical treatments
  • Mattress cleaning services also available

Service Area

Sydney CBD, North Shore, Inner-West, Eastern Suburbs

upholstery cleaning sydney

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green certified

Call 04 1418 5151

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Benefits of Getting Your Lounge Professional Cleaned

Why bother getting upholstery professionally cleaned?—It’s s a great question that’s asked more frequently than most people think.

For new homeowners or young people investing in purchasing quality furniture for the first time, the notion of getting upholstery cleaned has probably never even come to mind.

Yet getting upholstery cleaned by a pro is probably one of the best things someone can do to improve the environment of the home, and not just aesthetically.

Here are three great perks to getting upholstery properly cleaned:

Complete removal of oil, dirt and grime

More often than not, upholstery is extremely dirty long before someone might actually notice. Microscopic bits of skin, hair, oil, dirt and dust collect in between the fibres in large quantities before providing a visual clue to clean.

Eliminate pathogens and allergens

Those bits of dust, dirt, hair and skin already mentioned? They can aggravate the sinuses and bronchial passage ways amplifying—or even causing—annoying bouts of sneezing, coughing and wheezing in the home.

Preservation of upholstery

Professional cleaning doesn’t just benefit lungs and looks, it also help to keep upholstery alive. While dirt and dust won’t harm the fabric as badly as an acidic cup of coffee, they nevertheless compromise the structural integrity of the fibres over time. Professionally cleaning upholstery once every 18 months rejuvenates not only the look and feel of the fabric, but the strength as well.

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