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TrustedCleaner Business Selection Process

We only select businesses who:

Look for the ‘Recommended Business’ Seal of Approval

Only the best business receive ‘Approved Business’ status, so when you see this logo you know you’ll be dealing with a professional, reliable and experienced business.

Window Cleaning is Unregulated – Watch Out for Dodgy Operators

While there are numerous professional window cleaners operating in Australia, there is also a significant number of untrained or unskilled individuals you’d be wise to steer clear of.

The window cleaning industry is unregulated, and anyone can buy cleaning supplies and declare themselves a window cleaner.

These ‘dodgy traders’ often lack the necessary skills, deliver subpar customer service, and might employ misleading pricing strategies to lure you in.

We recommend opting for a TrustedCleaner Approved Business. However, when that’s not an option, here are 4 questions you can ask to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of:

  1. What are people saying online?
    Take a look the online directory websites to read reviews and see what people are saying
  2. What do their website & marketing materials say?
    Is their marketing all about low prices, or do they focus on their reliability, customer service and quality?
  3. How professional are they when you give them a call?
    Are they friendly and happy to offer advice? Do they sound like they are passionate about what they do… or do you have to wait days for a call back and end up feeling like you are doing them as favour?
  4. What is your gut feeling? Go with your gut and if it feels too good to be true, or you have a nagging feeling something isn’t quite right – walk away.

Average Window Cleaning Prices

The cost of window cleaning in the Australian market fluctuates based on various parameters such as the height and accessibility of the windows, their type, and the total number to be cleaned. On average, homeowners might anticipate spending between AUD $100 to $250 for cleaning the windows of a standard Australian home. High-rise or commercial window cleaning services typically come at a premium due to the specialised equipment and risks involved. It’s crucial for customers to obtain several estimates and comprehend the specifics of the service to guarantee they’re receiving the best value.

Window Cleaning Prices: How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The cost of window cleaning varies on a number of factors including the quality of the service, size and qty of your windows and methods used.

DIY vs Professional Window Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Professional window cleaners utilize specialized equipment and detergents to achieve streak-free and crystal-clear windows. Their expertise not only ensures a spotless finish but also addresses hard-to-reach areas and potential safety concerns, especially with high-rise windows.

Conversely, DIY window cleaning using household solutions can handle everyday smudges and dirt. It’s a cost-effective method for quick touch-ups. However, achieving a streak-free shine or tackling large or elevated windows can be challenging without professional tools and expertise.

In short, while DIY methods are suitable for routine cleans, for pristine clarity and safety, especially for challenging windows, professional window cleaning stands out.

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